3 free agent moves Cowboys can still make to prove Stephen Jones right

3 free agent moves Cowboys can still make to prove Stephen Jones right

The Dallas Cowboys have had an offseason full of frustration. The team lost several key players to other organizations for rather upsetting reasons. Off-the-field issues from a voyeurism scandal to a Jerry Jones lawsuit to Kelvin Joseph’s presence at a fatal shooting were present, too. Despite it all, every time Stephen and Jerry Jones address the media, they make it seem like everything has gone swimmingly and the team is exactly where it should be.

As more spinning and explaining away happens, it becomes harder to buy what the Joneses are selling. One thing that Stephen Jones has repeated is the idea that the Cowboys aren’t done with free agency. Jones feels the Cowboys will still make several important moves this offseason. It’s hard to believe that when Dallas has lost more than it’s gained thus far.

Plus, the last time Jones claimed this was on March 28. Since then, the Cowboys have signed one external player (Ryan Nall) who may help on special teams and otherwise represents an unexciting depth signing. Is this what Jones means by action in free agency?

Jones reiterated his sentiment in a recent interview with 105.3 The Fan. At this point, the list of available free agents left is getting very, very small. We already know the Joneses aren’t going to pay big dollars for a guy like Tyrann Mathieu. So, who can the Cowboys still get that makes sense? Will Jones actually follow through on his word? Here, we take a look at three decent options that still make sense for the Cowboys in free agency.

3 free agent moves the Dallas Cowboys can still make to prove Stephen Jones right

CLEVELAND, OHIO – JANUARY 09: Jadeveon Clowney # 90 of the Cleveland Browns attempts to apply pressure during the first half against the Cincinnati Bengals at FirstEnergy Stadium on January 09, 2022 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller / Getty Images)

3. Jadeveon Clowney, Edge, Cleveland Browns

Jadeveon Clowney came into the NFL with incredible hype. While he hasn’t quite lived up to what you’d expect out of a first-overall pick, he has still been one of the most solid run defenders on the edge in the NFL. Clowney is a 3x Pro Bowler who would bring veteran experience to any roster. Although the Browns have recently expressed interest in keeping Clowney, it’s worth noting that the edge has been more of a traveler over the last few years. He’s played the last three years of his career on one-year contracts with different teams.

If Clowney had the year he had in 2020, pursuing the edge heavily wouldn’t make much sense. With the Tennesse Titans in 2020, Clowney had a meager 19 total tackles, six QB hits, and zero sacks. In his eighth year in the league in 2021, the edge rusher turned things around. At 28 years old, he accumulated 9.0 sacks and 19 QB hits. Those are stats that any team would want to have from a member of their defensive line.

According to the grades given out by Pro Football Focus, Clowney’s 90.9 run-defense grade since 2015 is the sixth-best among edge rushers. On a Cowboys line that struggled with defending the run, the current Brown would be a great asset. Clowney is physical and gives quarterbacks a lot to deal with. PFF predicts that the defensive end will likely sign another one-year contract worth about $ 15 million. This certainly doesn’t fit the Cowboys’ bargain bin budget. But, if Clowney hasn’t agreed to anything with Cleveland in a couple of weeks, that price tag may drop.

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