A slap in the face from Gallagher?

A slap in the face from Gallagher?

Brendan Gallagher needs to look in the mirror and do some soul-searching.

The fiery Canadiens forward would do well to change his style of play, suggested Martin St-Louis after the loss to the Senators last week. Alexandre Picard went even further in the TVA Sports podcast “Temps d’Arrêt”, recorded on Monday. Listen here:

The former defender lamented the fact that “Gallagher doesn’t think about using his hockey intelligence” and is content to keep his good old habits, which however no longer pay as much as before.

“After the game, St. Louis said Gallagher would need to adjust his game. He said he doesn’t always need to be the first player on forecheck and always be in net at peck the keeper. He’s been playing like that since the beginning of his career and he’s always worked extremely hard, I have a lot of respect for that, but at some point you have to adjust, insisted Picard. Looks like he only has one way to play and that’s in front of the goal. He doesn’t think about using his hockey intelligence.”

What followed will be very revealing, in the eyes of Picard.

“This is where we will see if Gallagher is really a team guy or if he only thinks of himself. If ever he is unable to adjust or if he does not want to, we will have the answer. Yes, he’s a warrior, but at some point he has to take a step back, let the game come to him, and look at his options.

“I will go further. I’m not a striker, you should ask Guillaume Latendresse or Maxim Lapierre, but it must be tiring to play with a guy like him. You always run after the puck, a scrum breaks out after each whistle, you always have to go and defend your teammates… It must be tiring.

Host Louis Jean offered the perfect response: “Don’t ask Maxim Lapierre the question, that’s exactly what he was doing! He was always going to light the fires, provoke and taunt the adversary. He was a real agitator.”

Picard found it very funny!

In private first

Like his sidekick, Jean is eager to see how Gallagher will react to his coach’s comments.

“I like the fact that St-Louis tells him that he will have to adjust. I can’t wait to see if it’s going to work, if he’s going to be able to make adjustments. I think he’s going to want to, but will he be able to? This is the part that we don’t know yet. And that’s the key.”

Both also hope that the two men first discussed it in private.

“Since arriving in Montreal, St-Louis has never publicly criticized a single player,” Picard said. I hope he told her about it before talking to the media, otherwise it would be the first time St-Louis has done this. Imagine the slap in the face for a veteran like Gallagher to find out in the media that he has to change his style of play because it’s not working right now.

“I assume he talked to her about it first,” Jean said. He has surely already told him that he shouldn’t go to shuffle every time he comes and that there is a way to adjust. I think St. Louis has already had these discussions with Gallagher, otherwise it would certainly create problems.


1st minute:

Alex and Louis draw a parallel between the PGA Masters Tournament and current affairs in the NHL.

11th minute:

Should we be worried about the state of health of Jake Allen, who is injured again? Or is it due to overuse lately? “It’s just normal. Allen isn’t used to playing that often,” Picard said.

Is Cayden Primeau really the goalkeeper of the future for the Canadiens? Alex and Louis strongly doubt it.

16th minute:

Is Carey Price FINALLY ready to return to service? Will he return by the end of the season? It’s still vague… “I respect that. There are too many players who come back too quickly.

Long discussion on his future in Montreal.

28th minute:

Alex and Louis revisit comments from Brendan Gallagher, who slammed Tim Stützle for what he claims was feigning serious injury.

Is this a simple sign of frustration on his part? Alex questions his leadership and the way he plays.

41st minute:

Auston Matthews became the Maple Leafs player to score the most goals in a season. Alex and Louis talk with a man who sees his exploits very closely: the announcer-in-house in Toronto, Mike Ross.

80th minute:

Alex and Louis tout Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin, who are still part of the NHL’s elite despite not getting any younger.

85th minute:

The playoff race is interesting in the Western Conference. Which team between the Kings and Golden Knights will qualify? Alex thinks the Canucks might sneak in.

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