A Stolen Defensive Squad |  The Journal of Montreal

A Stolen Defensive Squad | The Journal of Montreal

If the trend continues, the Canadian could present during the 2023-24 season a defensive brigade almost exclusively composed of players obtained by committing robberies in broad daylight.

Jordan Harris makes a superb debut on the CH blue line. Constantly on the move, he saves himself while staying one step ahead of the game that is emerging before him.

He owes that to his intelligence in the game. It is superior. Harris excels at killing games. His revival is extremely effective. All in nuance and simplicity. Some are very quick to question his potential attacking contribution. I respectfully invite them to go for a nice long walk. Or do what they haven’t done in four years: watch Harris games at Northeastern University.


Jordan Harris was the 71and total choice of the 2018 amateur auction. Twenty-nine defensemen heard their name before him during this auction. I’d bet the cottage that five years from now Harris will be rightly referred to as the steal of the 2018 auction on defense.

In front of Alexander Romanov who also remains a highway robbery. Nobody had Romanov on their roster, at least not until the fourth round in 2018. Marc Bergevin called him 38th overall in the second round.

The kind of bet GMs like when they have more than one choice in a round. The CH spoke three times in the second round in 2018.

Justin Barron was the Colorado Avalanche’s 2020 first-round pick on 25and in total. Five defensemen were claimed before Barron in the first round, including Kaiden Guhle by the Canadian. Barron is not strictly speaking a steal at a draft. But it could become one of Kent Hughes’ big thefts in the deal market. Colorado’s 2024 second-round pick accompanied Barron to Montreal as Artturi Lehkonen made the trip to the Rockies…

We really like Lehkonen. We wish him a series of fire and a Stanley Cup on the balance sheet of Joe Sakic. A balm on the living wound of having been stolen from a project as elegant and promising as Barron…

The future of Mailloux

Logan Mailloux is going to play in the NHL. Will it be in Montreal? The resurgence of good defensive prospects makes it possible to consider involving Mailloux in a trade. The team that acquires his services would have to agree to swallow one of the big contracts that weigh on the CH. Ideally Gallagher, if not Dvorak.

The chances of Mailloux making his debut somewhere other than Montreal certainly exist. If he remains with the organization, it will be necessary to remember that Marc Bergevin claimed him at 31and rank of the first round in 2021. Nothing official, but it seems the common suggestion across the NHL was not to touch Mailloux until the second round. If he becomes the right young man and the exceptional anticipated defender, there will also have to be talk of a steal.

Harris, Barron, Romanov and Mailloux in the brigade at the same time. It will cry thief all over the NHL. Add Guhle and veteran Letang and it will be a superb skewer at the start of the 2023-24 season…

Heart stroke

Senator vs Canadians

Archive photo, Didier Debusschère

To Charles Hamelin. The greatest winter Olympian in Canadian history is stepping down this weekend. To write that it will be emotionally charged is an understatement. It’s happening at the Maurice-Richard arena today and tomorrow. Charles will finally skate in front of the women in his life, Geneviève and Vivi. “You don’t want to miss this! »


Senator vs Canadians

To the increasingly perceptible clash of cultures in the National League. I’m not targeting anyone directly. However, I see the collision between two very different visions of hockey. That of veteran followers of the code faces that of young players who would like to rewrite it up to date. The Beagle/Zegras/Terry incidents as well as Gallagher/Stützle bear witness to this.

A little 2 on…

Senator vs Canadians

Another victory for the Canadian on a Saturday night against the Leafs on fire. Auston Matthews is probably the best player in the National League right now. But the blues have that little something less against the CH. An inferiority complex hidden behind an overconfidence. They make fun of the CH, they find it ugly. From there, Montreal leads 1 to 0 before the puck falls.

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