After Europe in 2021, Guadeloupean athlete Wilhem Belocian is aiming for the world

After Europe in 2021, Guadeloupean athlete Wilhem Belocian is aiming for the world

In 2021, Torun in Poland crowned him Prince of Europe. Belgrade in Serbia may designate him king of the world this weekend. The Guadeloupe hurdler Wilhem Belocian finds all the stars of the 60 meter hurdles. For very competitive indoor World Championships.

His relaxation is evident. That doesn’t stop him from running fast. Quick and well. Focused on his races. Focus as the Americans say. Before finding a serene face. Smiling. Relaxed. “The watchword for this indoor season is to have fun, confirms Wilhelm Belocian. Hence the fact that I approach these indoor world championships with peace of mind. From France to Miramas, my dose of pleasure is at its maximum. The idea is simple: take advantage of winter to better prepare for summer.”

The Covid could have turned everything upside down. Even in 2022. The Paris Meeting has thus been moved from the end of January to the beginning of March. Last meeting before the World Championships in Belgrade. And finally, it turns out well. “It allowed me to chain France, then Paris. And to approach Belgrade with a certain serenity.” It should be noted that the Guadeloupean then lined up four good level races. Four races. Four successes. “It only remains to work out the small details. The main cadors will be in Belgrade. In a world final, everything is played on details.”

The details, let’s talk about it. What does Wilhem Belocian mean by that? “In recent days, I’ve asked my coach Ketty Cham to work on my starts. It’s essential. The approach to the first hurdle must be good enough to then create speed throughout the race. ” Especially since on a 60 meter hurdles, the slightest mistake is paid for in cash…

Guadeloupean hurdler Wilhem Belocian in his new Lille Métropole Athlétisme jersey.


For Wilhem, 2022 symbolizes a bit the year of changes. New club for the Guadeloupean who now wears the colors of Lille Métropole Athlétisme. Year also changes. On his Instagram page, Wilhem Belocian does not hesitate to share high-level osteopathy sessions. And that’s not all. Wilhem also works on his mind. “In addition to the medical staff, I called on a psychologist and a mental trainer. So I now have a whole team that comes to support my physical training. They are doing a great job.”

So much so that the hurdler is on a decidedly upward slope. No physical glitches to report. A conquering mind. In short, everything to approach the World Championships in Belgrade in the best conditions. “Especially since I feel that I have some room for improvement. At the Paris Meeting, I made small mistakes. It’s up to me to correct them to run even faster in Serbia.”

In Belgrade, Wilhem Belocian did not make the trip alone. He can count on the presence and support of his coach Ketty Cham. A coach rather amused by his protege’s need to work on his starts. “Wilhem is an excellent starter. But his perfectionist side sometimes leads him to focus on specific points. the 60 meter hurdles, the great athletes have more facilities to throw themselves to come and break the finish line.

No right to the slightest error according to Ketty Cham. “In Belgrade, we are on another planet. There will be the Americans. The world’s best. For those who flinch a tenth of a second, it’s over.” After that, we will have to quickly focus on the summer season. “On the return from Belgrade, Wilhem will only take a short week of rest. Before returning to training. We are going on a training camp in Florida from the beginning of April. “That’s what pays off. Especially since this summer, Wilhem will not make any dead ends. He is aiming for the Worlds and the European Championships.”

Guadeloupean hurdler Wilhem Belocian.

Another victory for Guadeloupean hurdler Wilhem Belocian. Meeting of Paris 2022.

©Jean-Marie Hervio / KMSP FFA

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