Allen and St-Louis, two priorities

Allen and St-Louis, two priorities

It’s obvious that Kent Hughes will have to remove Martin St-Louis’ title as head coach “on an interim basis”, but I would also like him to secure the services of goaltender Jake Allen for a few years.

The general manager said at the weekend that he had spoken with St. Louis about a contract extension and that the two men had agreed to discuss it again after the season. No problem, but we have to get along. This is a priority, because St-Louis does an exceptional job.

Jake Allen was terrific in the win over the fearsome Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday night, and that just brings me to his importance and status.

You might think there is no rush in his case, since he already has a pact, but he could become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the next campaign, and that’s a think about it. -good. Hughes should offer him a contract extension in the summer.

Allen currently earns $2.8 million per season; as long as Carey Price is around, he won’t cost too much. Now is the time to act: he could ask for a lot more if Price were ever traded. Currently, he plays like a number one goaltender, he inspires confidence and he shows leadership.

I’m not saying Allen is the equivalent of Price, far from it, but since the Canadiens won’t win the Stanley Cup next season, Allen could do the job as number one for a year or two if ever Hughes ships Price. under other skies.

I would say it differently if the Habs were a Stanley Cup contender, but that won’t be the case in the short term. Without being an elite goalkeeper, Allen is a safe bet and, moreover, he would be an excellent role model for a young goalkeeper, like Cayden Primeau or Samuel Montembeault, or whoever we establish as the goalkeeper of the future in Montreal.

The Importance of a Good Veteran

I have to stress the importance of having a good veteran alongside a young goalkeeper. Personally, I learned a lot alongside Jeff Hackett, when I started; he himself had learned a lot from Ed Belfour at the Chicago Blackhawks.

I am convinced that I would not have developed as well if Jocelyn Thibault had been kept in Montreal with me or if Tomas Vokoun had been my assistant. Jocelyn is only a year older than me and Vokoun is my age. We may have a certain talent; at 20 or 21, you don’t know much about the NHL.

I think we should trade Price while he has value, but if he stays in Montreal, I would have no problem with a Price-Allen duo for another two or three seasons, unless a young goalkeeper in the organization shows that he is capable of taking over.

From Alex Auld to Keith Kinkaid

After Jaroslav Halak left in 2010, we tried eight auxiliaries (Alex Auld, Dustin Tokarski, Mike Condon, Ben Scrivens, Charlie Lindgren, Al Montoya, Antti Niemi and Keith Kinkaid) before finding Allen in 2020.

We must not regress in this chapter. Montembeault takes the gallon, but the team does not play with as much confidence in front of him as in front of Allen.

No matter what happens with Price, Hughes can’t go wrong with offering Allen a reasonable contract extension. Whether Price leaves or stays, the GM will benefit by securing his services. And if Price stays, we already know he won’t be playing 60 games per season.

– Interview by Gilles Moffet


The Montreal market


Archive photo, Martin Chevalier

I come back to Jake Allen : I believe that the Montreal market benefits him. Goaltenders are making headlines in Montreal, with both praise and criticism. Montreal can destroy a goaltender, but it can have the opposite effect too. Each game is the equivalent of a playoff game, and you can’t take time off. If you know two bad ones in a row, it’s panic. In short, you must be ready every evening; that’s why Montreal made me a better goaltender. Jake Allen, more mature in his thirties, understood that. He would be a great insurance policy if we ever traded Carey Price.

Congratulations to Chris Theodore!

I am very proud of my nephew, Chris Theodore, my brother Frank’s son. He was named NCAA Atlantic Hockey Player of the Year with the American International College Yellow Jackets, the regular season champions with a 17-7-2 record. They were, however, eliminated by the mighty University of Michigan Wolverines on the weekend. Chris is only 5’7″, but he had a great season with 10 goals and 19 assists in 35 games.

The Canadian in Florida


Pierre-Paul Poulin / The Journal

I managed to get a box for about ten people. I will finally see the Canadian live tonight at Sunrise, where he will face the Florida Panthers in a duel that promises. As I played for these two formations, it will be difficult to choose a side. I intend to go say hello to the two coaches, Andrew Brunette, with whom I played in Minnesota, as well as Martin St-Louis, that I know well. A beautiful evening in perspective. The Canadian has a busy schedule these days and his week won’t be easy with stops in Sunrise, Raleigh and Tampa. A whole order! Picking up three points would be very acceptable.

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