Charlotte Jeanne va tenter de se qualifier pour la finale du 200 mètres aux championnats de France en salle d

Athletics. The Phénix Charlotte Jeanne has regained all her sensations

Charlotte Jeanne will try to qualify for the final of the 200 meters at the French indoor athletics championships. (©Aline Chatel / Sport in Caen)

If Charlotte Jeanne is a follower of signs, one wonders how she interpreted her difficult takeoff for Lyon, Friday February 25, 2022. A technical incident caused a few round trips between the plane and the tarmac. The passages ended up embarking for good and the athlete will surely no longer think about it, Sunday February 27, 2022, when his series of 200 meters will start. Perhaps she will remember, on the other hand, the poster of the phoenix on which she had fallen before her first competition at Aubière on February 6th.

Coming out of the Airbnb, I came across this poster and saw a sign on it. In recent years, performance has not been there. There, I felt fit, injury-free, so it was a bit of a renaissance in athletics for me.

Charlotte Jeanne

That evening, Charlotte Jeanne slammed 24s01 in the 200 meters indoors. If she has not returned to her best form (23s56 in 2017), the sprinter from the Entente Athlétique Mondeville-Hérouville is regaining her feelings. At last. “I had a period of frustration between the desire to do the minimums and the pain that did not go away, she says about the last few years. I relish even more to train without pain. »

Always the same passion

Champion of France hope in 2016, over 100 meters, Charlotte Jeanne then devoted herself to her studies as a physiotherapist and to the profession she now exercises. The Norman returned from Belgium and settled back in Caen, but her passion for athletics has not waned. At 26, she retains the balance that suits her.

I train five times a week alongside my work as a physio, which is fine, but I don’t prioritize athletics anymore like I used to. I have plenty of other professional and personal projects.

Charlotte Jeanne

Charlotte Jeanne manages to fix up the house she bought with her companion and trainer, Pierre-Alexis Giraud, as well as to follow training as a sports physiotherapist. Boredom does not await her! But every time she puts on the spikes, it’s with the desire to give it her all. “I love working out,” she says. Even when I stop competing, I will continue to train. »

Caen, a great goal

The judgment, in any case, is not for now. Far from there. Freed from a chronic injury, Charlotte Jeanne is having a blast. His qualification for the French Elite indoor championships is a great satisfaction. “I didn’t expect to do these times this winter, so I’m very happy! The Mondevillaise dreams of returning to under 24 seconds at Miramas. And she looks greedily at the French summer championships.

It would be great to be qualified for the Elite, especially since it’s in Caen! I would be so happy to share this with my loved ones.

Charlotte Jeanne

For Charlotte Jeanne, 2022 promises!

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