Basketball / National 2: BB Marmande will play the climb to N1, Agen finishes in a splendid 4th place

Basketball / National 2: BB Marmande will play the climb to N1, Agen finishes in a splendid 4th place

It was not until the last day of the championship that this hen B of National 2 delivers its final scenario. And the BB Marmande who had his destiny in hand did not stammer by winning in Laval and thus opening the doors of the play-off. Beaten at Pornic, Agen finished the season in fourth place.

Before the kick-off of this final day – namely the 26th – of the French National Championship 2, the data was simple. BB Marmande had the cards in hand to pocket the ticket for the play-offs and open the doors to the quarter-finals (and try their luck at winning the climb to National 1). The “blue and white” had a point ahead of the Garonne AB.

But, the confrontations on paper were more to the advantage of the “yellow and blue” evolving on the Tertre against a formation of Villeneuve-sur-Lot already condemned while the Marmandais took the road to Mayenne to challenge a strong Laval team.

The BBM with mastery

At the end of a completely crazy match, BB Marmande achieved a new feat by winning at Laval with a score of 80 to 74. But things were not always easy. The BBM got off to an excellent start (15-27, 10th). The Mayenne woke up inflicting a 27-17 in the second act (42-44 in favor of the BBM to the “lemons”).

In the third act, Marmande found colors (62-68, 30th). Without panic and with control, the boys of Alexandre Palfroy held the debates. They must have evolved with accuracy until the final trill.

The Marmandais can let their joy burst. They won in Laval, synonymous with qualification for the play-offs.

At 17 seconds from the buzzer, the BBM has a slight viaticum. In front of the repair line, Arnaud Bruzac adds two very precious shots (74-80) and bends the suspense. The “blue and white” can let their joy burst.

The ATM is easily imposed

For their part, the Garonne AB as expected did not have any difficulty against the Villeneuvois by winning easily 103 to 74. A success to complete a good season however.

The GAB takes third place in this Pool B.

The GAB takes third place in this Pool B.
Nicholas Niedergand

In the standings, the BBM finished second with 46 points (19 wins and 7 losses). The Garonne takes third place with 45 points (19 wins and 7 losses). The bonus obtained during the course in the Coupe de France tipped the scales in favor of the BBM.

Agen narrowly fails at Pornic

For its part, Agen BC was on the Loire-Atlantique side to meet the leader Pornir on its floor. A last trip without pressure especially since the Agenais have already fulfilled their contract. Despite a good resistance, the red and white lost 83 to 91 against the leader. Another great perf for Fred Rocco’s boys. And the ABC ends its season in a splendid fourth place. Completely crazy for the basketball players of the prefecture city.

The quarter-final against Berck

From now on, the formation of Marmande will focus on preparing the quarter-finals of the French championship which will deliver the ticket for the National 1. The “blue and white” will be opposed to the formation of Berck who finished first in pool C One of the cadors all hens confused of the championship of France. An opposition which will have to be confirmed by the French Basketball Federation.
The Northerners have a more than flattering record with 23 wins and only three losses.

The first leg will be played next weekend in Beaupuy at the Colliséum which promises to ignite. The return will take place in Berck on Friday 27 May. In case of good weather, it will be scheduled for Sunday, May 29, still at Berck.

The winner of this quarter-final will win his ticket for National 1.

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