Présent pour soutenir les 76ers, James Harden porte déjà la poisse !

Black hole for James Harden, Sixers destroyed for trade

James Harden was to allow the Sixers to aim for the title, but he is currently going through a difficult period which worries more than one fan. With the approach of the playoffs, it is not ideal for the confidence of the group. Moreover, it begins to be very criticized.

When James Harden arrived in Philadelphia, many thought the Sixers would have the talent to get out of the Eastern Conference and win the title. I have to say that Joel Embiid played all year as an MVP, and the Barbu, when motivated, is an exceptional player. He proved it on his first outings in his new colours.

As he had done in Brooklyn a year ago, Harden landed being particularly skilful, chaining triple-doubles, and making his pivot shine. But for some time now this honeymoon period has ended and the full-back is starting to come under heavy criticism, even from his own supporters. In his last 5 games, he has posted very disappointing statistics for a player of his caliber.

Daryl Morey questioned over James Harden’s arrival

It turns in effect to 15 points, 11.8 assists and 6.8 rebounds, all with more than questionable percentages (31% shooting and 27% success at 3 points), which does not bode well for the playoffs. And inevitably, faced with such a crossing of the desert, criticism begins to rain on the former MVP and Daryl Morey, who brought him against important role players. Alec Sturm, a reporter who follows the Nets asked a pretty relevant question about this trade.

I really wonder how many games James Harden had with the Nets Daryl Morey watched before he traded Ben Simmons, Seth Curry and Andre Drummond. Because the signs were already there. All we hear about the trade is that Morey saw Harden as a “basketball savant.” I especially have the impression that he bet a lot on the relationship they had in Houston.

James Harden is going through a complicated period with the Sixers, which is not necessarily very reassuring as the playoffs approach. But for Alec Sturm, who follows the Nets on a daily basis, this is not surprising news, since the Bearded man was also particularly disappointing in Brooklyn before his trade. Indeed, he still seems bothered by his hamstring injury, which particularly impacts his game.

He is for example much less explosive on his first step, which does not allow him to drop his opponents and put easy points near the basket, an important element of his game. And then he is also very clumsy lately , which does not help his Sixers to shine. He still has time to set the sights, but as it stands, Philadelphia doesn’t really have the makings of a champion.

James Harden arrived at Philadelphia to carry the franchise towards the title, and at the moment it does not live up to expectations. It’s up to him to get back in shape before the playoffs to silence more and more detractors.

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