Blazers pinch for OG Anunoby

Blazers pinch for OG Anunoby

The 2022 NBA Draft is tonight! Less than 24 hours from the 76th ceremony in history, behind the scenes, everything is accelerating. In order to always be well informed about the latest gossip that animates the League, nothing better than a little homemade morning, where you can find all the most recent information before the Draft. Let’s go!

Before going further, the last mock draft – in video – made in TrashTalk

# Portland sends its 7th pick to Toronto?

This is one of the big rumors of this Thursday, June 23. Less than 24 hours before the start of hostilities, Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports informs that Portland would be ready to swing its 7th pick across the US-Canadian border. The goal? Go get OG Anunoby – post 3/4 of 24 years old – under contract until the summer of 2025 (player option for the last year). After the recruitment of Jerami Grant, this second arrival would be seen as a message from Joe Cronin’s gang. The new Blazers GM seeks to surround Damian Lillard without sacrificing the furniture already in place. The idea is not disconcerting: between a young player already confirmed who comes out of a good season in Toronto – 17.1 points average at 44% shooting including 36% from the parking lot, 5.5 rebounds and 2.6 assists – and a second that will have to be developed and accompanied, without any guarantee that he will one day reach the level of Anunoby, Joe Cronin opts for the instantaneous result.

# John Collins leaving Atlanta?

If he swings a zest less rumors than his colleagues, when Marc Stein starts to tweet, he never does it for nothing. This Thursday, John Collins is in his sights. According to him, the strong winger has never been so close to leaving Georgia: “The Hawks are studying several scenarios for a trade within the framework of the draft”. With a contract of 125 million dollars over five years, Collins could bring a nice stability to a team’s interior sector. And his dynamite in the calves, continuing to feed the morning top 10 from new horizons. According Bleacher Report, Dejounte Murray in return is not a crazy idea. The Spurs, however, would like more to let go of their Golden Boy.

# Ja Raffe left Memphis

Big move in Tennessee with the departure of Ja Raffe – a giraffe – for a zoo in Utah. All the information related to this transfer can be found right HERE, hoping that this departure does not affect the morale of Taylor Jenkins’ troops too much. Another set-up.

# The French

Our four French people are a few hours away from the most important evening of their lives. In ESPN’s latest mock draft, Ousmane Dieng is selected in 12th position, Ismael Kamagate in 39th and Hugo Besson – five places further – in 44th. No trace of Moussa Diabate and Yoan Makoundou. For the first named, this entry in the draft was not without risk. He is only a freshman and could have waited another year to confirm in Michigan before taking the plunge. For the second, automatically eligible, it will be necessary to hope for a late selection at the end of the roll, or a two way contract in stride.

There you go, you know everything about the latest rumors in the hallway and other rumors that are driving the Great League today just a few hours from the 2022 NBA Draft. This “evening”, at 1 a.m. on BeIN Sports 1, it’s is the big night.

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