Channing Crowder Talks Russell Wilson, Ciara's Relationship

Channing Crowder Talks Russell Wilson, Ciara’s Relationship

“I’ll take a corny man (Russell) over a disrespectful community peen (Future) any day.”

Listen, we live in a digital age, which means everyone is sharing their opinions online nowadays. And when it comes to opinions, someone’s bound to disagree.

So when NFL-player-turned-podcaster Channing Crowder shared his views on Ciara and Russell Wilson’s relationship in a now-viral clip, it didn’t take long for the backlash to ensue.

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“Russell and Ciara … yeah, if Russell ain’t have that bread, Ciara ain’t gonna be with him,” the former Miami Dolphins linebacker said on The Pivot podcast.

“Russell’s square. Russell’s square. Ciara has a good situation, but you don’t leave Future and get with Russell Wilson.”

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His cohost, Fred Taylor, chimed in with a rebuttal: “I think that’s where you’re wrong, though. Women want peace.”

Ciara and the Atlanta rapper reportedly started dating in 2013, and they even got engaged on Ciara’s birthday. In May 2014, the two welcomed their son, Future Zahir Wilburn, into the world. By August, Ciara called off their engagement and their relationship due to alleged infidelity on Future’s part.

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In an attempt to reconcile for their son, the musicians got back together in September 2014. By the end of the year, they officially called it quits, which included Ciara removing her “N” tattoo (which stood for Nayvadius, Future’s real name) .

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Things got ugly after their split, which included Future calling Ciara a “controlling bitch” in a radio interview, Ciara issuing a $ 15 million defamation lawsuit, a custody battle, songs created about each of them, and more.

So, when Fred mentioned Ciara wanting peace, this could be what he was hinting at. But Channing wasn’t trying to hear it, adding that “everyone has a type” and “he’s so god damn square. I love him on the field, but Russell is a square.”

The Pivot

Note: Ciara previously dated Bow Wow, who’s also a complete 180 from Future. Future’s other ex, Lori Harvey, is also dating Michael B. Jordan … another 180 from the rapper.

But again, Channing’s cohosts disagreed. Ryan Clark said, “Channing, when you go from this level of toxicity, you want something stable.”

Stability and happiness is just what Ciara found in her husband, Russell. The couple first met in March 2015 and began dating shortly after. In March 2016, Ciara and Russell announced their engagement, and by July 2016, they were married.

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Russell became a proud stepfather to Ciara’s son, Future. They would later welcome two children together.

And from what I’ve seen, Russell and Ciara truly don’t bother anyone. All they do is love on each other and mind their business, so it didn’t really surprise me when people on Twitter came to the couple’s defense after hearing Channing’s comments.

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It’s funny because Russell and Ciara are embodying the relationship that the niggas are saying ppl don’t value today. She has his back, is having a gaggle of kids, she has her own money but also has made mothering & amp; supporting him her primary job. So what’s the fuss?

Twitter: @elcavaqueen


Grown ass men explaining why Russell Wilson ain’t cool enough for Ciara even though she dropped future almost a decade ago and been happily married to Russ for 5-6 years now.

Twitter: @DeeRosaPhoto


Ciara was worn out. She prayed and asked for direction. He led her to Russell. A good man (from all accounts), who accepted her son like his own and put her on a pedestal. And people are mad at that?

Twitter: @iamlexstylz


I’ll take a corny man (Russell) over a disrespectful community peen (Future) any day. I don’t know why black men are so pressed over it. Ciara is thriving but every few months they come with their think pieces on that marriage. Do y’all know how much women love PEACE & amp; stability?

Twitter: @sunshinechi1


I’m so tired of people using Russell and Ciara’s relationship as a talking point on their programs to call Russell corny, lame, & amp; Square. That woman loves the hell out that man and they bother NO ONE! Not every woman wants a street, toxic, whore of a man. Let the good guys win.

Twitter: @AshleyShyMiller


a man said “Ciara wouldn’t be w Russell if he was broke.” who do men think they are that anybody w SENSE would be happy w any of you broke? pls kill the narrative that the true measure of a woman’s love = how much she is willing to suffer wa man financially and / or emotionally.

Twitter: @DontWorryBoutB


men see themselves in the future, don’t see themselves in russell. ciara’s life is a very public example of men like them getting left behind and forgotten. they don’t believe they could ever become like russell, so disparaging him is their last chance at relevancy. a survival tactic

Twitter: @YeoshinLourdes


I bet you everytime Russell Wilson trends on the internet from niggas talking shit about him, he just checks one of his bank accounts, rolls over and kisses Ciara, then go back to sleep with a smile on his face 😂

Twitter: @johnnotest


There isn’t a single thing Future has over Russell Wilson. Not looks, money, dress sense, cool. Not one thing. These lame men keep comforting themselves with the idea that Ciara, herself a millionaire, is with Russell “only because he’s rich”.

Twitter: @AfroVII


Men keep talking about Russell Wilson being a square like the man ain’t also fine 🙄. Ciara found herself a fine, stable, wealthy kang with no kids. Clearly y’all don’t understand a grown woman’s needs.

Twitter: @phyngyal


Ciara networth is $ 20million ….. she’s not broke, she don’t need Russell to support her lifestyle. She’s capable of being a mother all on her own because she have the funds 100% of her critics will never have. Why do y’all want Ciara to be with Future so badly over Russell?

Twitter: @WonderKing82


Still not understanding the Russell is a square rhetoric .. The man is successful, wealthy, god fearing, married to Ciara and he loves on his kids ?? Is it cause he not wearing ten chains, two watches, clown clothes and out here tryna knock every woman he meets down? Ion get it🤷🏾‍♂️

Twitter: @ _HoleN1

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