Terrible désillusion pour Kyrie Irving ?

“Come home, load your gun and get ready for war”

In a very tense international context due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, each statement, no matter who is its author, goes off like a cannonball in the press. Certainly influenced by these events, the recent words of an NBA superstar resonate strongly in the league. Explanations.

If the Lakers are struggling like never before in the Western Conference, the Nets are not doing much better in the East. They are indeed only 10th, after losing outside against the Hawks (122-115). A Kevin Durant in record mode was not enough to tip the match in their favor, enough to weigh down their extremely disappointing record (40 wins for 38 losses), given their superteam status.

With only four games left to play in the regular season, time is running out as Brooklyn desperately wants to get a favorable position in the Play-In (a success behind 8th place). However, morale is not at the top in the Big Apple… Well aware of that, Kyrie Irving has therefore decided to go cash in his statement at a press conference. Remarks strongly influenced by events in Europe?

Kyrie Irving’s Warrior Deaths After Nets Loss

Kyrie Irving with a metaphor for the urgency needed around the rest of the season: “You go home, you get your body armor, you choose your weapon, you load it and you prepare for war. You don’t just have to suffer the results. We have no time to waste”.

The words used by Uncle Drew are strong, especially in this context of armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Nevertheless, it has the merit of getting its message across: instead of bowing their heads to their troubles, Steve Nash’s men must remain mentally strong and give their all. Mathematically, they still have a chance of going to the playoffs if they come out of the Play-In. After that, anything is possible for the Brooklyn squad.

Nevertheless, it must be said that this one is really not at its best at the moment, between the two consecutive setbacks and the worrying health of Ben Simmons. The good news is that the next two meetings are theoretically possible, with Houston and New York as opponents. Two teams at the bottom of the hole collectively, the perfect opportunity to redo the icing before playing the Cavs for a duel which promises to be capital.

With a big warrior metaphor, Kyrie Irving does not mince words on the state of mind to adopt for the Nets. It is now up to them to show that they can take up the challenge, in order to avoid enormous disillusionment after the ambitions displayed last summer.

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