Crisis at the Burkina Faso Football Federation: Members of the Executive Committee seize FIFA

Crisis at the Burkina Faso Football Federation: Members of the Executive Committee seize FIFA

The collaboration between Lazare Banssé and certain members of the Executive Committee of the Burkinabè Football Federation (FBF) has been execrable for several months. The slingers, ten in number, accuse the president of the FBF of mismanaging the umbrella of football and of working to divide the players in the middle. Even the mediation of the Minister of Sports, Youth and Employment, Abdoul Wabou Drabo, does not seem to be enough to reconcile the positions. Tired of this continuing situation, the dissidents finally wrote to the Secretary General of FIFA to take stock of the situation and ask for the intervention of the structure in order to put Burkinabè football back on track. Read !

Madam Secretary General of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA)


Madam Secretary General,

We come very respectfully to inform you in order to provide you with information on the recurring operating excesses within the Executive Committee of the Burkinabé Football Federation (FBF) and to request, at the same time, urgent measures for the smooth running of Burkinabè football.

Indeed, on January 6, 2021, the President of the Burkinabe Football Federation (FBF) proceeded to the dismissal of Mr. KAFANDO Idrissa fourth vice president, in charge of Finance illegally, irregularly and without any prior consultation with the other members of the Executive Committee ( Exhibit 1: the decision).

Also on October 15, 2021, we discovered by press release on social networks, the outright dismissal of four other (04) members of the Executive Committee of the Burkinabé Football Federation (FBF) in defiance of the internal texts and procedures which govern the functioning administrative body (Exhibit 2: Press Release).

In order to ensure that the principles of governance appearing in the statutes prevail in accordance with the directives of CAF and FIFA, they seized the Dispute Appeals Committee, which is the judicial body of the Burkinabè Football Federation. (FBF) on October 19, 2021 (Exhibit 3: Appeal).

This appeal, which had to reach the Dispute Appeal Commission within a reasonable time in the spirit of the fundamental texts and to allow it to state the law, was not received until more than one (1) month after its filing. at the General Secretariat of the federation. On the instructions of the President of the Federation, the Secretary General prevented the Commission from meeting on many occasions by invoking fallacious reasons such as the matches of the national team, the trips of the President, unavailability of rooms at the National Technical Center (CTN ) or even the procedure of a hypothetical mediation which would lead to steps for an amicable settlement of the situation.

Despite everything, the hearing was finally held on December 15, 2021 in one of the rooms, without any convenience (Exhibit 4: Bailiff’s report). Emptying its referral on December 17, 2021, after having put the file under deliberation, the Dispute Appeal Commission declared the decision of October 15, 2021 null and void for lack of power of the President of the federation, lack of motivation, failure to protect the rights of the defense and order the reinstatement of the dismissed federal members (Exhibit 5: Reasoned decision). This decision, despite the existence of the obligation to notify it within eight (08) days, was never made and the dismissed members of the Executive Committee had not been reinstated within the time allowed.

On Monday, February 14, 2022, a meeting of the Executive Committee is convened for February 21, 2022 with the members whose appointment decision has been canceled and, as incongruous as it may seem, without the four (04) members reinstated by the judicial body (Exhibit 6: convocation email). With this in mind and faced with the manifest bad faith of the President of the Federation, the four (4) members seized the emergency judge of the High Court of Ouaga Il who, through Ordinance No. 017-R2 of 02/21/2022 restored them to their rights, subject to a penalty payment of five million (5,000,000) CFA francs per hour of delay (Exhibit 7: reasoned decision).

Forced by justice, the President of the Burkinabè Football Federation urgently summoned the four members, but outside the legal deadlines recommended by the statutes. At the said meeting, ten (10) of the twenty-one (21) members had to leave the room because of the irregularity of the convocation, the illegality of the presence of third parties and especially for disagreements related to the financial statement of the management of the African Cup of Nations, CAMEROON 2021.

Faced with this outburst of certain members of the Executive Committee having understood the misdeeds of a tyrannical and not very virtuous governance of the ridge of our football based on a personalized and contemptuous management of texts as well as procedures, President Lazare BANSSE, during an interview and in the course of a meeting with a Chairman of the Board of Directors of a Club, announces the convening of an illegal Extraordinary General Assembly in the coming weeks to dismiss the ten (10) dissident members and recompose according to him , a consensus Executive Committee.

It is in view of this deleterious atmosphere created on purpose and which is very detrimental to the cohesion of the actors and the good influence of our football, that the Minister of Youth, Sports and Employment, in a peaceful approach, received all members of the Executive Committee on Friday March 18, 2022 in order to iron out positions and restore a sincere dialogue in the best interests of sport.

But at the end of this soothing meeting, President Lazare BANSSE. in an address to the press confirms his intention to convene an Extraordinary General Assembly in the coming weeks to, he says, recompose the office of the Executive Committee of the Federation and initiate the proofreading of the fundamental texts of the association. Better still, he meets the thirteen (13) regional leagues and all the football districts to inform them during a meeting held on Saturday March 19, 2022 with the main argument being the need for him to set up a new office. of an open Executive Committee.

Moreover, in terms of the financial and accounting management of the Burkinabè Football Federation, the total lack of transparency and integrity today creates multiple suspicions and suspicions likely to compromise the proper functioning of our bodies.

Indeed, the actual financial information on the management and use of the federation’s resources has never been available or accessible to any body whatsoever, even less to the members of the Executive Committee. Consequently, no verification or certification of the sincerity, reliability and regularity of the accounts has ever been made by the Internal Audit Commission in accordance with the accounting rules and procedures prescribed in the matter.

As proof, the various correspondences initiated by the Internal Audit manager to request accounting and financial documents allowing verification and management control to be carried out received a categorical refusal from President Lazare BANSSE in total contradiction with the texts which regulate the operation of our umbrella organization (Exhibit 8: letters and reminders).

Also, Madam Secretary General, the Members of the Central Commission of Referees were appointed, in defiance of all national and international texts relating thereto, without the opinion of the president of the said commission and for the sole purpose of stripping the latter of all its prerogatives for the benefit of people in the pay of President Lazare BANSSE.

Madam Secretary General, in view of these contemptuous practices contrary to the fundamental principles of operation of the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA), the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and any other affiliated institution, we have undertaken to keep informed so that appropriate measures are taken to guarantee Burkinabè football its sacrosanct principle which is democratic, virtuous governance, based on respect for the human person, of the texts and procedures which govern the management of this sport that we love so much.

This is why, Madam Secretary General, we request that you kindly acknowledge our correspondence and, if necessary, take useful and urgent measures to restore optimal and appropriate functioning of the Burkinabè Federation. of Football (FBF).

In the meantime, please accept, Madam Secretary General, our best regards.


Confederation of African Football (CAF)

- Union of West African Football Federations (UFOA-B)

- The Burkinabè National Olympic Sports Committee (CNOSB)

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