David Perron is the fifth leading scorer in the NHL in the playoffs

David Perron is the fifth leading scorer in the NHL in the playoffs

David Perron is a guy full of experience. The Quebecer saw snow in the playoffs and clearly, it helps the cause of his formation since he was quite instrumental in the victory against the Wild.

In six games, Perron tallied no less than nine points, including five goals. The striker did well.

Even better? He has done better than every other member of the St. Louis Blues since the start of the playoffs.

He is currently fifth in playoff scoring (tied with Sidney Crosby and Evander Kane), behind Connor McDavid, Brad Marchand, Cale Makar and Carter Verhaeghe.

(Credit: NHL.com)

These are not celery stalks, we will tell each other.

What explains his success in the playoffs? In fact, when we dig a little, we realize that he has scored more than we have thought for a few seasons already.

Since being in Vegas and returning to St. Louis for the third time, the forward is not points per game, but we cannot say either that it is far from the objective.

In season, he is still ten points away from being at one point per game. And in series, with a smaller sample, it is also good.

(Credit: NHL.com)

What explains his success is undoubtedly the fact that we see the number “98” when looking at his total number of career games in the playoffs and the number “973” in the season. Matches, he has several behind the tie.

He is therefore quite reliable for his trainer.

What is interesting for him is that he will be UFA this summer. Whoever earns $4M a year has found the right time, if we look at the last few months, to become free as air.

In career, Perron has signed five contracts, including a total of five with the Blues. I believe he will return again with his club to get the 1000 matches, but who knows? #Canadian

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