DeMarcus Cousins ne comprend pas les Lakers

DeMarcus Cousins ​​outraged by Lakers behavior

Despite a great prestigious victory against the Nuggets, the Lakers’ season ended in a total fiasco. And the off-season does not start under the best auspices, since the front office distinguished itself by not really classy behavior after the meeting. Enough to amaze a certain DeMarcus Cousins, who knows the house well…

33 wins, 49 losses and a team not far from being in ruins: the Lakers’ torment over this 2021-2022 season is finally over. One would have thought that the success after extra time against Denver (146-141) would give the troops a smile for at least one evening, but the leaders decided otherwise by barely letting the final buzzer sound that Frank Vogel was to be removed from his post.

A gesture that shocked the NBA, and which was perceived as a lack of class on the part of the Californian franchise. Bill Oram of The Athletic has it all:

Frank Vogel knew he was going to be fired, everyone knew it. The only questions that remained on Sunday evening were “how?” ” and when ? »

The answers: a) Via a tweet and b) as the buzzer still sounded after one of the few good moments of the season. The Lakers should be ashamed, and potential candidates to take over should be careful. This behavior is just the latest reminder that the Lakers don’t value their coaches. They underpay them, underestimate them, then part with them.

A rather icy observation, which is visibly shared by other players present in the room last night.

DeMarcus Cousins ​​shocked by timing of Vogel firing announcement

Still in the same paper, Bill Oram narrates a rather evocative sequence, with the reaction of DeMarcus Cousins :

News of Vogel’s dismissal spread when the Lakers players hadn’t even left the field yet. DeMarcus Cousins ​​shook his head as he entered the tunnel leading to the Nuggets locker room.

“The guy didn’t even last to the fucking airport!” The NBA is getting brutal. »

Difficult to contradict Boogie, who seems to wonder, like everyone else, why the Lakers insisted on making this affront to Frank Vogel immediately at the end of the season. In the corridors of the Crypto Arena, while the players were in the shower, the tactician was seen on the phone for long minutes, isolated. Maybe a conversation with Rob Pelinka? “No, I was talking to my wife.”

Vogel was therefore not informed directly by his management that he had to pack his bags, and this rather lunar treatment of a coach could cool certain suitors to take a job that is both so coveted, but so exposed. The quest begins in any case now for the front office, and names like Quin Snyder, Nick Nurse or Doc Rivers are mentioned.

End of fishtail adventure for Frank Vogel, who saw his last victory stolen from him by a rather incomprehensible timing on the part of the Lakers to announce his dismissal. On this one, and as often this season, the Californian franchise did not really honor itself…

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