Desmond Bane 24 avril 2022

Desmond Bane has put on 15 3-pointers in the last two games!

If the Grizzlies lost last night and offered the Wolves the chance to believe in it to death before Game 5, he had little to do with it. He’s Desmond Bane, and during this Game 4 the sophomore confirmed his huge Game 3, his huge season, in short he confirmed that we were well on our way to getting banish for the next fifteen years. What is this zinzin again?

If there is only one who has nothing or not much to reproach himself for this night, it is him. Desmond Bane, DB for those close to him (not at all), author on this Game 3 against the Wolves of 34 pawns at in particular 8/12 from 3-pointers, and a long time in time to go topping incredible records since the boug counted already four threes after a quarter and even seven at halftime. Seven shots from the parking lot is more than the writer of this article in his entire freaking Senior career, and in the end that rogue Desmond even pushed the total to 8 after a pointless but successful final ave maria at the last second, “allowing to his team to bow only a very small point in order to rage even more. Long alone on board the offensive ship in Memphis, Desmond first allowed his team to stay in the game then, later joined by Dillon Brooks, he continued his undermining work by punishing every millimeter vacated by his defenders.

On arrival a record or almost, for the one who has already slammed the most 3-pointers scored in a season in Tennessee franchise history, a record “for nothing”, but a record to which we must also add two observations that seem useful to us. 1) Desmond isn’t one to hiccup once a quarter but more like twice a week, so the overnight perf seems almost “normal” to us for one who is becoming one of the hottest wrists. craziest in the League. 2)Desmond Bane is not just a simple shooter, Desmond Bane is not Ben McLemore, and so we saw tonight, once again, the versatility he could showwith – pell-mell – powerful drives ended by a very dirty tomar and in defense an incessant activity and a vicious side on the verge of having Pat Beverley sent off in the first half, which could have resulted in … victory of Memphis, no more, no less.

7 out of 15 the day before yesterday, 8 out of 12 last night, and a Desmond Bane who will quickly go for postseason records if by chance Memphis were to advance in these Playoffs. The funniest thing about all of this? Is that in case of qualifying against Minnesota, the Grizzlies will face without too much doubt the… Warriors in the semi-finals of the conference. Want to be like the Splash Brothers? Start by going over their bodies, and then we’ll talk.

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