La joie des Mondevillaises, vainqueurs de la Coupe de France cadettes.

Direct. Basketball. Exceptional, Mondeville wins its third Coupe de France U18 in a row!

The joy of the Mondevillaises, winners of the Cadet French Cup. (©AC / Sport in Caen)

Mondeville wins the Coupe de France cadets for the third time in a row, an extraordinary performance for a club that has lost its training center. It was Lyon who paid the price after an extremely spectacular match (88-93). Lou Bobst, elected MVP of the final, was immense. She finishes with 30 points.

40′ OUIIIII Maëva Fébrissy in lay-up, that’s +4 and this time it’s won!

40′ Anaëlle Dutat misses her two free throws, ouch! Lyon are still more successful in this exercise: 90-88 for Mondeville with 28 seconds remaining.

40′ Phew! The Lyon captain misses her two three-point attempts. Behind, Anaëlle Dutat gets the fault. Mondeville keeps its cool.

39′ There are 1’08 left and Lyon have taken a time-out. Always +4 for Mondeville.

39′ We hope to survive another 1’40, the time remaining. Anaëlle Dutat had given Mondeville to +6, but Lyon reduced the score in stride. 90 to 86 for the USOM.

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37′ Lou Bobst and Maëva Fébrissy give Mondeville a huge breath of fresh air. This game is breathtaking! Mondeville leads by 8 points. 88-80.

36′ Mondeville is completely paralyzed. Lyon is down to four points. How many lost balloons!

35′ The match is completely restarted. Lyon, at 3-pts, returns to six lengths (75-81). We haven’t stopped shaking…

33′ Lyon is totally boosted. The Lyonnaises defend strongly and push Mondeville to the fault. Fortunately, two counter-attacks from Leila Lesueur calmed the Rhone ardor a little. But what tension (71-81)!

32′ Lyon recovers very strongly and is back to eight points in just two minutes. Hope returns to the Lyon camp and Mondeville takes a time out. We are on a 9-0 for Lyon (69-77).

3rd quarter: Sovereign Mondeville

30′ End of the third quarter. The score is 77 to 60 in favor of Mondeville. It is hard to imagine an earthquake. The “center of nothing” (D. Anguelova), who lost his license and was demoted to National 3, is on track to win his third consecutive U18 French Cup. It would be completely insane.

29′ Did we take the time to write to you that Lou Bobst is a nugget? In case, we repeat ourselves. What a match from the Mondevillaise! She is, hold on tight, 27 points. Barring industrial disaster, since the USOM has a 19-point lead, look no further for the MVP of this final.

28′ The timeout taken by Dessi Anguelova was very effective! 55-73.

27′ Lyon took advantage of a little weak weather in Mondeville to revive as quickly. Mondeville is only 11 points ahead, this match is far from over… 55-66.

26 ‘Mondeville is not successful on free throws but his lead is stabilized. 51-66.

23′ Lina Fimbo also shows her advantage in this match. Mondeville, which seems totally liberated now, produces a very beautiful basketball. And when Lou Bobst is at this level of performance, it helps (20 points for her). That’s +15 at 45-60.

21′ Here we go again in this second half! Mondeville attacks in front of us, in the press gallery (for lack of having been accredited for the photo, but that is another debate!). The USOM seems to be resuming on the same solid foundations.

2nd quarter: Mondeville impresses

20′ And the three points which falls just before half-time! The USOM raised the tone in this second quarter and leads by 12 points (40-52). Lou Bobst is already at 17 points (3/4 three-point) and 5 assists. Anaëlle Dutat is at 12 points and 7 rebounds. But it’s a whole team that stood out in the second quarter.

19′ Will Lou Bobst and Anaëlle Dutat leave Mondeville at the end of the season before having played with the pros? Yes. Is it a pity? Oh yeah ! They shine this morning. 34-47 for Mondeville, the hole is made!

18′ The teams give us a great show in this second quarter, because Lyon does not let it go (31-39).

16′ +10 for Mondeville! The Normans begin to defend hard and the attack follows the rhythm. We’re going to have to keep this level of intensity…

14′ Harissoum Coulibaly gives the advantage to Mondeville (24-26). The Mondevillaises are in a strong moment. Lou Bobst then enjoys the pass, and it’s 24-30!

Harissoum Coulibaly.
Harissoum Coulibaly. (©AC / Sport in Caen)

13′ Lou Bobst’s skill is precious. Halfway, that’s already 10 points for her and 24-22 for Lyon, on the other hand.

12′ Lyon got off to the best start in this second quarter. The Lyonnaises defend hard. The USOM finds few solutions but hangs on (24-20).

11′ It’s Carla Leite who leads ASVEL with already nine points on the clock. Only three Lyon players scored in the first quarter. There are five in the Mondevillais ranks.

1st quarter: Lyon 21 – 18 Mondeville

10′ End of the first quarter. Lyon, with a three-pointer from Leite, finished three points ahead (21-18). It’s tight here at Bercy, in a beautiful atmosphere and in front of the bleachers which are gradually filling up.

10′ Second award-winning shot from Lou Bobst and a big defense behind from Lina Fimbo. It’s not quite that yet on the Mondevillais side, but the apprehension seems to be fading. And Maëva Fébrissy, after a new ball recovery, equalizes at 18-18.

9′ Despite her ankle injury and a big annoyance on arrival at Bercy, where she could not be strapped immediately, Lisa Cluzeau shows all her importance in the Mondevillais collective.

7′ Oh Lou Bobst’s first basket that feels good! Three more points for Mondeville, but Lyon are concentrated. 16-11.

5′ Lyon dominates the start of the match against feverish Mondevillaises. USOM has already lost five balls. Fortunately, Lyon does not systematically punish, but the first break is made when Dessi Anguelova takes a timeout (14-6).

The Mondevillais supporters came in large numbers.
The Mondevillais supporters came in large numbers. (©AC / Sport in Caen)

3′ Lyon took the lead after an award-winning shot from their leader, but Annaëlle Dutat tied the two teams (6-6).

1′ Let’s go and it’s Annaëlle Dutat who opens the scoring in this match. 4-0 after 20 seconds.

0′ The Mondevillais supporters have already won the battle for the stands. The stands are obviously not very full in this huge room, but there are people all the same!

0′ The composition of Mondeville: Kemelya Ahmed, Harissoum Coulibaly, Lisa Cluzeau, Célaine Ricco, Sara Chanoz, Victoria Martins, Maëva Fébrissy, Lou Bobst, Lélia Lesueur, Sarah-Yvanna Keboum, Lina Fimbo, Anaëlle Dutat.

This is the big day ! After two cancellations due to the Covid, the Cadet French Cup has returned this season. And with it, Mondeville returns to the Accor Arena in Bercy. The club is a regular at the venue, to the point of being the title holder for the last two editions. Each time, the final already pitted him against Lyon. Three years ago, the Mondevillaises crushed their opponents. This time, the debates promise to be much more undecided, especially since two USOM executive players will play injured. Watch the match live from 9:30 a.m.


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