“Draymond Green does not defend on anyone.  It is a free safety”

“Draymond Green does not defend on anyone. It is a free safety”

Game 3 of the 1st round of the playoffs between Warriors and Nuggets tonight in Denver. And after 2 first lost games of 16 and 20 points in San Francisco, including a game 2 where frustration took over – the cohesion of the team was also called into question by the altercation between Will Barton and DeMarcus Cousins– with a Nikola Jokic not at the level he has shown throughout the season, we have reason to wonder if the group has not already taken too big a hit on the head.

” We are united. It’s okay. We moved on. We are approaching this match as one unit. There is no hangover from what happened in this game. » wanted reassured Michael Malone

Nikola Jokic was held to 8 points at 2/12 when defended directly by Draymond Green during Game 2. On the first 2 games, the DPOY 2017 holds it for the moment at 16 points at 6/25 during their direct confrontations.

“Draymond Green is not defending on anyone, literally. It is a free safety (in American football, a position which designates the players farthest from the line of engagement and whose role is to cover long passes and runs that have succeeded in crossing the first two defensive curtains) on the ground. So we have to find a way to be efficient and make them pay for it. Until we do that, it’s going to be really hard for Nikola to get out of it when he’s got three guys around him and they’re like, ‘We’re going to force one of you guys to beat us. »Michael Malone

“Draymond really hurt us. People don’t really notice it. Draymond really hurt us. He controls the tempo, he gets them all those shots, he hurts Jok. » austin rivers

And as for match 2, a Aaron Gordon more aggressive will be expected. For now, the former Magic winger is averaging 7.5 points and 5 rebounds per game in the series.

“We spoke to Aaron today. Differences in how we can counter how they defend on him and how he can not only help himself, if they’re not on him, but also his teammates a lot. It starts with the level of aggression. Be aggressive. We have guys who catch the ball in the paint without even looking at the circle, and come out on the perimeter. Be aggressive, go to the basket, go to the line. When you have two talented teams, the more aggressive one will win. And until that changes, we have no chance of winning a game in this series. »Michael Malone

Game 3 will be played at the Pepsi Center (4 a.m. French time).

“I imagine the room will be half full of Warriors fans. Every time we play them this seems to be the case. But it’s great to be home. It’s great to play in front of our own fans. »Michael Malone

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