Eric Abidal's liver transplant: The evidence of the relationship and his donor would be "incomplete"

Eric Abidal’s liver transplant: The evidence of the relationship and his donor would be “incomplete”

Eric Abidal, Sandro Rosell and former Barça manager Juan José Castillo are under investigation for alleged irregularities surrounding the liver transplant that saved him from a tumor in 2012, and a suspicion of buying illegal body. The firm of lawyer Pau Molins, which defends Rosell, told AFP on Tuesday that the report does not comment on a possible relationship between Abidal and his donor Gérard Armand, and that he would need to do so conduct additional examinations.

If no relationship is established at the end of these examinations, this would support the hypothesis of an illegal organ purchase, which Rosell has always denied. Monday, the Spanish media El Confidential claimed that the Spanish Institute of Toxicology “could not prove that former FC Barcelona player Eric Abidal and his supposed cousin who donated part of his liver to him in 2012, Gérard Armand, are from the same family“.

Rosell did not participate or intervene in any way in the management of the transplant


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The examinations carried out for this purpose are incomplete, and the court could require new ones, as suggested by the National Institute of Toxicology itself“said the law firm in a press release sent to AFP, once again claiming the innocence of the former president of Barça (2010-2014). The report, an extract of which is quoted in the press release sent by Rosell’s defence, assures that “the samples analyzed are not the most suitable for this parenting study, because as shown in the results, the genetic profiles obtained are partial due to the genetic degradation suffered by the tissues taken once introduced into the liquids intended for their conservation“.

If this court wishes to obtain conclusive results for its investigation, it should request that biological samples be taken from the two parents of Mr. Armand as well as from the two parents of Mr. Abidal, if they are available, or at least any biological brothers and/or sisters“, adds the report. Thus, according to the law firm of Pau Molins, “we cannot affirm, as some media have done in an unfounded and unfair way, and which contradict each other when they are shown the report, that Messrs. Armand and Abidal have no relationship“.

The doubts about a possible recourse to organ trafficking come from telephone calls between Rosell and an unknown interlocutor registered in the directory of the ex-president under the name of “Juanjo” according to the press, intercepted by the police in April 2017. Transmitted to justice, they gave rise to the opening of an investigation for presumption of organ trafficking. “M. Rosell did not participate or intervene in any way in the management of Mr. Abidal’s transplant“, his defense insisted on Tuesday.


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