Ex-NHL Star Chris Pronger Shares Traps Pro Athletes Fall Into—Including Spending $1M At A Gentlemen's Club

Ex-NHL Star Chris Pronger Shares Money Traps Pro Athletes Fall Into

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  • Former NHL star Chris Pronger made an estimated $ 113,950,000 in earnings over 23 seasons of playing professional hockey
  • Pronger recently jointed Twitter where he shared some stories of fellow pro athletes blowing money and common traps athletes face with personal finance
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Former NHL star Chris Pronger had about as great of a hockey career as one could ever hope to have. He was a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist for Team Canada (’02, ’10), a World and Junior World Champion, and he appeared in the Stanley Cup Finals with three different teams and won it with the Anaheim Ducks in 2007.

For his contributions on the ice, Chris Pronger was paid handsomely. He earned an estimated $ 113,950,000 from his contracts over the span of 23 seasons. Pronger’s career began after being drafted # 2 overall in 1993 by the Hartford Whalers and he finished with the Flyers. Along the way he learned a LOT about money.

Pro athletes face the ‘jock tax’ which basically means they get taxed on where they work. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. There are 82 games in an NHL season and 41 of those are home games. Athletes then get taxed on the 41 road games across every market they play in (NYC, LA, MIA, TOR, etc). They also live lavish and expensive lifestyles.

Here’s a solid Twitter thread from Chris Pronger about common traps professional athletes face with personal finance and some stories he witnessed firsthand over the years about athletes blowing millions.

Ex-NHL Star Chris Pronger Shares Money Traps Pro Athletes Fall Into (3 Problems)

Problem # 1…

$ 20K / month doesn’t seem that unreasonable for pro athletes…

How much in the club ?! And was this in Montreal or Tampa?

Point # 2 from Chris Pronger

Chris Pronger’s Point # 3

Since retiring from a Hall of Fame NHL career, Chris Pronger has transitioned into life as an entrepreneur. He lists ‘Well Inspired Travels’ on his Twitter bio which creates custom wellness-inspired travel experiences. Pronger also lists ‘investor – Chaos Holdings’ on his bio. So he’s certainly staying busy these days.

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