"Fifa has not offered anything" but Infantino does not bury the World Cup project every two years

“Fifa has not offered anything” but Infantino does not bury the World Cup project every two years

Gianni Infantino took advantage of the FIFA Congress, this Thursday in Doha, to address the question of the World Cup every two years. The president of the international body recalled that it had never proposed such a project, even if it studied its feasibility and launched a consultation with football players.

Arsene Wenger will appreciate. The former Arsenal manager and current director of global football development at Fifa has been pounding the pavement in an attempt to convince the world of the value of a World Cup every two years. But this Thursday, Gianni Infantino assured that the international federation had never proposed such a project, despite a desire to reform the football of tomorrow.

“We must focus on the future of football and the future of competitions, launched Gianni Infantino from his platform on the eve of the draw for the 2022 World Cup. With competitions open to all, men and women alike. women, young girls and boys, and anyone who dreams and hopes to participate in such a global competition.Football is not limited to a few or a few but is open to all. […] It’s important to be able to achieve this feat.”

“A feasibility study”

In its desire to make football accessible to as many people as possible, Fifa has opted for a World Cup with 48 participants from 2026. But Gianni Infantino assures him, it has never launched the project of a World Cup every two years.

“I would like to clarify one point. And of course, I will talk about certain discussions as well as speculation about this biennial World Cup, explained the president of Fifa again. organize a World Cup every two years. We must put the dots on the I’s in this file. The administration of Fifa has voted with some in favor of a feasibility study around a World Cup organized every both years. We also voted on projects related to women’s and youth football. Fifa and its administration with Arsène Wenger at its head carried out and started this feasibility study.”

Infantino still believes in a World Cup every two years

Aware of the strong opposition to the World Cup project every two years, Gianni Infantino made a first point of passage on the project. If Fifa has not officially proposed anything, the exchanges of the last few months have reinforced this idea that a two-year World Cup is possible. And the leader of international football to specify that everyone should find his account.

“However, Fifa has not proposed anything. Fifa has come to the conclusion that this biennial organization is possible. But this will have repercussions and impacts. Once these various points have been clarified, a consultation and discussion phase will be launched, finally promised the boss of Fifa. The one that makes it possible to find agreements and compromises. I look at the members of the federations, championships, leagues and the players present at this congress. […] We work together and we will try to initiate discussions to see what suits everyone. The older ones must grow and the younger ones must benefit from more opportunities. Thank you all and thank you for all your comments during the various discussions.”

Jean-Guy Lebreton RMC Sport journalist

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