Football: An explosion of joy which deprives Anto Grgic of the final derby

Football: An explosion of joy which deprives Anto Grgic of the final derby


The FC Sion midfielder would have deserved to end his successful season in Sunday’s decisive match against Servette. His reaction after his double on Thursday in Lausanne deprives him of it.

It was already far too late for that unfortunate corner post when Anto Grgic approached. The midfielder was in a trance state. Until leaving his common sense at the penalty spot. His sending off was rather well shot, for the second time of the evening, and seeing the victory ball cross the line transformed the number 14 from Sédu. A euphoric race to the visitor block, this “punch” which therefore made the corner post fly three meters back and, in the middle of all that, this surreal gesture. Grgic deprived himself of the decisive match on Sunday against Servette for having parted with his jersey. Warning, the eighth of the season, which is equivalent to the worst suspension.

We have to get things back in order. First, there is this double and this state of trance of the 93rd and of the 2-1 Sédunois against Lausanne. We can read a form of individual justice there. Who else than Anto Grgic to put Sion back in the right direction? The man with a Bundesliga game comes out of a successful season. Not perfect, but which allowed him to take on an additional dimension. His seven goals and seven assists don’t say it all. The former from Stuttgart seems to have forced his nature, to have reduced some of his discretion. Has he become the leader of this team, at 25 and at the end of his fifth season in Valais? A leader would have more finely measured the weight of his future absence before taking off his shirt. Still, more and more often, his personal form is directly correlated to that of his team.

A distant idea of ​​danger

This is a flattering stat about him. FC Sion has never won a match without him this season. Probably because his influence in the game with the ball changes everything. He missed five, to which we can add two entries during the game: five defeats, two draws. The weight of its suspension is measured a little better this way. Servette will have nothing to play for on Sunday, but that has never been any guarantee in Valais. Thursday’s meeting against an already relegated Lausanne could have been just a formality. But making it simple is complicated.

Cleilton Itaitinga will not say anything else. The winger put the whole of Brazil in his foot at 0-0 to add a touch of class to a quite goal. His recovery three meters from the frame could thus take the path of the post and leave Sion in doubt, always at the gates of the dam. As if the idea of ​​danger had not been made aware. Once again, the Sédunois may be paying for their season upside down, sheltered for so long that they have forgotten their annual reality. That of having to hang on to the end. Until the 93rd minute of an abnormally complicated duel. Until the last day, at the last Rhône derby, which will at least have to be transformed into a draw. Without a guide in the middle of the field.

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