Football coach stabbed to death in the Gard: the player receives 15 years in prison

Football coach stabbed to death in the Gard: the player receives 15 years in prison

On May 24, 2019, Redouane Abbaoui was stabbed seven times. 18 years old required.

The tears and the emotion of the family of the stabbed coach, the sobs of the accused at the bar, a terribly moving atmosphere, marred the trial of Salim Boudral on Tuesday April 12. Aged 24, the accused is on trial for having stabbed Redouane Abbaoui nine times on the evening of May 24, 2019 in Vauvert.

He certifies that the 30-something imposed on him a form of harassment punctuated by repeated humiliations and insults. The young man would have cashed without really reacting until the fatal day of this spring of 2019 when he would have lost control after a long accumulation of vexations.

“My brother, that was everything, I am nothing anymore”

This Tuesday at the resumption of the murder trial, the brother of the victim came to testify at the bar in memory of his brother whose disappearance has forever overwhelmed his family. He also apologizes for his angry cry the night before. “My brother, that was everything, I am nothing anymore.” He wants to restore the memory of his brother and strongly contests the portrait according to which his brother was a caïd. “He worked up to three jobs and he bought his car on credit.” The brother claims to have left a threatening message for the accused. “You’re disrespecting my brother, I’m fucking you and whoever wants […] You’re cooked”. President Emmanuelidis points out to him that as an educator, he could have had a different attitude.

“I felt humiliated, like a dog”

Doctor Mounir Benslima, the forensic medicine expert revealed that the victim succumbed to his injuries in less than two minutes. He details head injuries but especially stab wounds, one of which is 15 cm and another 14 cm deep. “who touched the root of the aorta”. This caused a hemorrhage as rapid as it was intense.

The president questions the accused about the murder and brings him to the bar flanked by three prison guards and eight police officers. He explains that the trainer was trying to fine him by forcing him to go get cigarettes or to commit theft or even sell pot. “You don’t have any balls, you’re a sissy, you want me to bugger you”said the young man, returning remarks that he attributes to his coach. “But why go play football in Vauvert?”asks the president. “I said to myself, go try it”hoping that by performing well in football, the coach would have let go of the sneakers.

Everything changes after a match where Boudral arrived late because he had forgotten his cleats and had delayed the team to play Monoblet. The coach would not have digested this delay and banned the young man from entering the sports arena. He certifies that he was violently pushed back (slap and headbutt). “You, I don’t want to see you anymore!”would have launched Redouane Abbaoui by accompanying insults. “I felt humiliated, like a dog. I felt like shit”said the accused, shaken by sobs from which he could no longer rid himself.

“Rash of Anger”

The lawyers for the civil party asked the accused to take full responsibility while deploring that the memory of the victim had been sullied. Regis Cayrol, the Advocate General estimated that Salim Boudral had locked himself up “in a deadly corridor of violence”. Premeditation? “Do we take two knives to do anything other than use them?” He requested 18 years with a security sentence. In defence, Me Isabelle Mimran did not elude “the appalling act”.

Nevertheless, she took up the thesis of harassment developed by her client. She detailed the humiliations, insults, blows inflicted by the victim and the 27 calls and text messages made by the coach and his brother in two hours. They absolutely wanted to see him and had left threatening messages. Me Mimran assures that the coach grabbed the youngster by the neck as soon as he entered the car. Next, “It’s a terrifying outburst of anger” guided by fear and not by a premeditated act. The court rejects the assassination and retains the murder. 15 years old.

“I realize what I have done”

“I’m not trying to justify myself, I know what I did, it’s atrocious”. For the accused, the accumulation of vexations and threats would have broken the camel’s back.

On the evening of the events, the trainer would have called him several times to see him, all this added to the brother’s threatening message, would have led him to take two knives before going to the meeting. “It was in case they want to hit me, I wanted to keep them away.”

Then he adds: “I am aware of what I did, I have to pay, that’s why I surrendered.” The President asks how he sees the future. “I have a dream, it is to become a chartered accountant. I am in the process of taking a master’s degree (in prison). I’m not going to let go.”

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