Pour Christian Constantin, les résultats sont la condition préalable pour déboucher sur un spectacle attractif, et non l’inverse.

Football: Constantin: “I’m not going to fill the stadium with a good game”


When FC Sion has virtually ensured its maintenance, its boss evokes several files, including that of the next season. Before thinking about the way, it is important according to him to first collect points.

For Christian Constantin, the results are the prerequisite for creating an attractive show, and not the other way around.


While FC Sion was going through a sportingly delicate period with three defeats having worsened its situation in the standings, Christian Constantin had said very little. Likewise, the boss of Tourbillon, apart from the usual congratulations, did not initially react unexpectedly to Gelson Fernandes, his vice-president, poached by FIFA to develop football there on the African continent.

48 hours after the Sunday victory of the Valaisans at Cornaredo, its president broke the silence he imposed on himself. The opportunity for him to address three themes likely to influence the future of the Tourbillon club.

1. The spring of FC Sion

“The suspension of Paolo Tramezzani has brought damage. His absence hurt us.

“There was too much to eat and drink. In Basel, everyone was enthusiastic about the quality of what we had presented. Against Zurich then, our game had also been very correct. A game that then disappeared… The suspension of Paolo Tramezzani led to damage. His absence on the sidelines hurt us. What matters now is to maintain the spirit of Lugano (editor’s note: 3-1 victory). The coach worked on the mentality of the group and it showed.

As the pressure subsides, I’m waiting for the matches to come to see what it can do in terms of spectacle. The judgment of the final ranking is sometimes biased by the perception that one can have of it. This was the case in 2019 when Sion, finishing 8th, finished just three points from the podium.

2. The departures of Massimo Cosentino and Gelson Fernandes

“Maybe the only method that works is to do it yourself!”

“It is clearly a failure that hurts me. I was counting on their youth to bring the club into a new cycle, with the arrival of a new generation of leaders. I’m off to suffer the consequences of their departure and the disappointment caused. I thought I had found my possible successor in Gelson. But creating wealth or making a living from football are not really the same thing.

Inhaled by FIFA, Gelson will have a salary of a high civil servant without the problems of a club manager who has to keep a budget. This season, FC Sion’s payroll has increased by 16% while its revenue has decreased by 33%. The difference is for my apple, I already had to put a lot of money. This season, I had chosen to let things happen. However, the only method that works may be to do things yourself! The trouble is that the profile of a leader like me no longer exists. This raises the question of the survival of professionalism in Valais. If I don’t take care of it, there won’t be any more…”

3. The 2022-2023 season at Tourbillon

“We would like to live like grown-ups, but in reality we have small means”

“Over the past three seasons, Zurich has never been very far from FC Sion, ranked ahead of us each time. The title reaches out to him today. We can deduce that sometimes it takes little to trigger a lot. The objective is to set off again on a new dynamic by arousing the interest of the public. It is important to give people the desire to come back to Tourbillon, and to do so, to offer them something. That said, the priority, before the game, is the points. I’m not going to fill Tourbillon with a nice game if it doesn’t bring us any points. First you have to get regularity. Only the results can boost the quality of the game in order to improve it. What we look at first is the table. When Peter Zeidler arrived, I remember our game was anything but shimmering in the early games. It was only then, with the help of the results, that something clicked…

What do I want? Fewer mistakes in team designs and compositions. Otherwise, we always come back to the budget. We would like to live like grown-ups but in reality we have the means of small ones.

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