Football - Ligue 2. AC Ajaccio master of its destiny

Football – Ligue 2. AC Ajaccio master of its destiny

By winning the success that absolutely had to be won in Nancy on Monday evening, the Ajacciens regained a second place synonymous with direct accession. The challenge will now be to defend it and keep it as long as possible in the face of sharp competition.

So here is theTO THAT placed second in the championship. The Ajaccienswinners at Nancy Monday evening (0-2), did not miss the opportunity to take back from the PFC this place of dolphin of the Toulouse leader who ensures direct access to Ligue 1.

However, even against the red lantern, it was not necessarily easy, especially in the first half. “We felt from the start a very determined Nancy team but we had a little trouble getting into the match and then, as the minutes went by, we got better, without enough intensity to make the difference. We raised the tone after the break, even if Nancy had the opportunity to open the scoring. We had to wait for the second period and this good reaction of pride from the players. Nancy then gave herself up more and the noose loosened. On our side, we were better in duels, in recovery and we went faster forward. That’s what allowed us to open the scoring.” summarized Olivier Pantaloniyesterday at the end of the scrubbing at Timizzolu.

The Ajaccien coach may have also felt the passage of a milestone within his group, while there are still seven games to play until the 38and and last day.

At the mental level, this success could indeed be the real trigger for the end of the championship for the Bears, who now enjoy a two-point lead over Paris FC and three over Auxerre.

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Suffice to say that this month of April could hurt the team which will drop points on its opponents and, for the ACA, the whole challenge will be to keep this distance with its Parisian competitor. ” We have known for a long time that we have a close-knit group that wants to succeed. We feel players who want to go to the end of the adventure and finish it well without having anything to regret. The group wants to get there together. They live together on a daily basis. This is one of our strengths. Today we have our destiny in our hands. Now that we have recovered second place, we no longer depend on the others. We have the obligation to win to defend our place. »

El Idrissy, notched ankle

The reception of Pau, from Saturday at François-Coty, could thus be timely to drive the point home, in a race for accession which will be hotly contested until the end. Already amputated by several players, the aceist group is now hoping for good news concerning El Idrissy, scorer in Nancy but hard hit in the ankle during the meeting.

“He received a big blow and the ankle is cut. After the match, it was still bleeding and this morning (read yesterday morning)he was limping with a very swollen ankle but I hope we can get him back for Saturday’s game.” said Pantaloni.

If he kept his clean sheets for the 20and time of the season during the match at Picot, a habit now this season, the ACA also won the match by two goals. And that hadn’t happened since October 23 for the reception of… Nancy.

“I feared this match precisely on the offensive side. But I felt in the second half a team with a completely different potential. I hope that the work ideas that we have given them will allow them to continue in this direction. »

Let’s hope this is a positive sign for the end of the Ajacciens season.

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