Football - Ligue 2: Pau FC has a sense of celebration

Football – Ligue 2: Pau FC has a sense of celebration

“I had asked my players for this gift, admitted the coach. Thanks to them. It is certainly the best present I could have had. “Because it was synonymous with a beautiful evening but not only…

“I had asked my players for this gift, admitted the coach. Thanks to them. It is certainly the best present I could have had. “Because it was synonymous with a great evening but not only: by triumphing over Le Havre, the Palois have without a shadow of a doubt ensured their maintenance for a third consecutive season in Ligue 2.

“The difference is made”

This time, seven rounds from the end of the curtain, Didier Tholot did not try to hide. “With an 11-point lead and a 7th place in the standings, I think the difference is made. »

Nothing could be more normal when you are once again able to stand up to an official candidate for the rise in Ligue 1. And to do so with many other qualities than bravery and courage. It’s the victory of a game plan and an ambition with a four-man defense, the creative Sylvestre up front and an attacking quartet. Audacious when two professional defenders were missing, suspended (Koffi and Dembele). “We wanted to put Le Havre in difficulty. Le Hac has ball players. They are not a very aggressive team, they prefer to have possession. So in front of them, it had to be held. If we had to be after them, we wouldn’t have existed. We wanted to have the ball more than them and put them in difficulty by making them run.

Above all, led a little against the course of the game, Pau confirmed that he was solidifying more and more. Knowing how to move forward in a headwind is important. It hasn’t always been the case, and that says a lot about the team’s progress. “Everything was not perfect but we had values, we did not sink, we continued to play, we equalized, we went for the victory. At the end, it was more complicated but we defended well even if we curled up a little too much, we held on, ”savored Tholot.

Quentin Daubin supported: “The coach repeated to us before the match that we had 90 minutes in front of us. Even if it didn’t go as we wanted at the start of the match, we couldn’t get out of balance, we had to continue to stay in our game plan, do what we knew how to do. We managed to score a goal before half-time. At 1-1, we knew we would have chances. And then Zack gave us a very nice goal. We had a little more success tonight. »

The editorial staff advises you

The editorial staff advises you

Football: Essende, the Ironman of Pau FC

In difficulty at the end of 2021, center-forward Samuel Essende regained a starting position in 2022, thanks to his work force and the change in the system of Pau FC.

50 points, a cape to roar

Pau was able to get over the frustration when referee Gael Angoula said no to the penalty that Samuel Essende seemed to deserve. And once again, was able to speak about the strength of his group with the decisive gestures of the entrants between Poha and Naidji. “This group is very interesting, I’m happy to be at its head”, greeted Tholot.

There are seven games left to enjoy. For the first time since his arrival, Didier Tholot will be able to talk to them about something other than maintenance. But he is not deprived. “We have not yet obtained the total of last year (44 points). There are 7 matches left, we will try to show everyone that a season is not six or eight months. I would like to reach 50 points, it shows a good season. For everyone’s future, it’s important to be credible and to finish as high as possible. »

He can count on Daubin: “We are competitors. We want to win all the matches and finish as high as possible, at least the Top 10. Regarding the playoffs, we are not going to take ourselves for others. They are far ahead. But you never know, in football, it can go quickly. The progress of Pau in one year attests to this.


Paul Le Guen (Le Havre coach): “It’s a disappointment. We led in the score, we got caught and then passed in front. We conceded very avoidable goals. I don’t think a few months ago that would have been the case. We were more rigorous, able to maintain an advantage. Things have changed. We are less good. We obtained results at the cost of a lot of tenacity and fighting spirit. And by playing to the maximum of our possibilities. This is no longer the case. Our team has become average, even very average. We are capable of delusion. But we lost something, this superior desire to achieve a result. We remain a good small but fragile team. »

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