Football: Rodez hit and already sunk?

Football: Rodez hit and already sunk?

After yet another setback (3-2) conceded by Raf on Friday in Nîmes at the end of a crazy scenario during the 35th day of Ligue 2, the dam of maintenance, or even worse, seems to be approaching inevitably.

The pale tone of Laurent Peyrelade in the post-match conference, his long heavy silences too. The fleeting glances of the blood and gold in the mixed zone, their unfeigned inability to be able to pose, hot, words on their ills. Yes, the situation of Rodez Aveyron football is always more critical, compromised, alarming, with regard to its objective of remaining in Ligue 2.

However, the triptych that the band at Rémy Boissier closed on Friday at Costières could (should) have offered him the opportunity to get closer to it. In seven days, the Aveyronnais finally took only a very small point; while they found themselves in the values ​​​​against Paris FC (0-1), before biting their fingers from the huge missed opportunities against the almost dead beast from Nancy (1-1) three days later last Tuesday, and to shoot themselves in the foot on Friday in the Gard, not without having shown that they are indeed capable of revolting (3-2).

The week of wasted opportunities

Clearly, this will remain as the week of wasted opportunities for a training that comes out of it, beyond the accounting plan, totally weakened mentally. Already, at 0-2, it took a saving break for the Ruthenians to scare away their visible feverishness and their almost wobbly legs. Inexplicably, and in less time than it takes to tell, on leaving the locker room, the Nîmes defense was so passive that Danger and Célestine were almost surprised to score. Never mind. It could have been a pivotal moment. That of redemption for this group narrowed to 19 elements recently. Except that Mpasi’s blunder and this 18th consecutive unsuccessful match (one more than Niort’s sad record achieved in 2019) sounds more like yet another sign of helplessness. Of fate which persists also. End of the unreachable tunnel.

How do you psychologically recover from this? “I do not know “, did not hide the coach on Friday, touched as rarely. Certainly, he took up the importance, as usual now, of not letting go, “to heal the sores and get back to work “. But does he still believe in it himself? He who recently said he already feels “in the shoes of the last“.

The dam, a lesser evil?

Because until now, the consequences of the Ruthenian slowness in the classification were mitigated by the weakness of its competitors. But since Friday, and even if the incidents in Nancy do not materialize it yet (the LFP must decide this Monday after the stoppage of Nancy – Quevilly in the 40th at 0-3 because of the behavior of the local supporters), it is probably three points from the first non-relegable that are the guys from Piton, virtual play-offs. And then, three games from the end, the reception of the Toulouse ogre is looming on Monday May 2 in an already full Paul-Lignon. To try to avoid the double confrontation with the 3rd National. Even to see the 19th Dunkirk descend on him. An admittedly hypothetical scenario. But indeed possible.

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