Football - Sion must now define what he wants to look like

Football – Sion must now define what he wants to look like


Virtually saved after their victory in Lugano (3-1), the Valais club can already work on the next exercise. Can he progress without ticking the seduction box? This is the challenge for the months to come.

You never know what to expect with FC Sion; there is always an eternal unknown and no doubt this also contributes to what makes it uniquely charming. However, the Valais club has been tiring and wearing out its most fervent supporters for years now. As if there always had to be something – often several – wrong.

And when the sports results do not follow as was recently the case, things also get out of hand behind the scenes with the unexpected – and certainly not desired – departures of MM. Cosentino and Fernandes, both called upon to initially chart the course in which the Valais club was to rush to continue its courageous transformation…

However, these irreducible supporters of FC Sion are always there, ready to forgive everything to those who make them vibrate every weekend, even more so when things go well like this Sunday afternoon. This deserves the medal of recognition, even if some appalling behavior is to blame.

Spirit, are you there?

While many already saw him tipping over into crisis at the end of this 29th day, Sion managed to get away from it by very opportunely rediscovering his values, which he takes pleasure in cultivating in an alternative way, especially when circumstances l require. So everything would only be a matter of state of mind, which comes and goes according to the mood of those who become imbued with it without always claiming it in an endless pendulum swing.

It is quite symptomatic to note that the visitor won at Cornaredo by managing to score three goals, even though he suffered from the absence of his two nominal attackers, suspended. Does Sion get any better when he relies on exploiting his lane men’s speed? There is perhaps more than one track to dig.

A month after sinking at home against the same Lugano, the Valais club took on their opponent at their own game. We may not like the football advocated by Paolo Tramezzani, but let’s recognize here that his gamble worked. The Italian technician has very clearly made choices that he is ready to assume.

A game that does not dream

Sion virtually saved if not mathematically, the question arises as to what will be the future guidelines. One case, that of the coach, has already been settled. In all likelihood, Tramezzani, bound by a contract running until June 2023, will still be there next season. Some will see it as an opportunity and are already rejoicing, others, the most skeptical, the persistence of a problem.

It is a reality that FC Sion stamped Tramezzani does not seduce or make anyone dream at the level of the spectacle offered, even though Tourbillon would need to identify with a team in which the public can find themselves beyond the only results curve.

To flourish and grow, Sion would need fire and play, a passion that exists today only too sparingly; perhaps because it is too cold, too mastered, without any buoyant momentum. It would therefore be appropriate to transfer to Tourbillon what Saint-Gall is doing, entering into communion with the people of the Kybunpark.

Which FC Sion next season?

For a very long time, Valais fans could transfer to the Swiss Cup (with the emotions that it provides) the frustrations too often felt in the league. Here they are deprived of this emotional valve, with the urgent need to be offered a non-electoral but sporting program without empty promises or unreasonable ambitions.

Which FC Sion will we applaud – or whistle – this summer? Will we finally and permanently find the essential link to unite a club at its base? Which pieces of the puzzle should be changed first? If there were to be a seduction operation, who could be the inspiration?

In the game of questions, the answers belong to Christian Constantin. Does he only know them himself and does he want to answer them? In this regard, the last seven days must also serve to better define the future face and contours of FC Sion 2022/2023.

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