L'accueil absolument terrifiant des fans pour Ben Simmons à Philly !

Furax, a star of the Nets pushes a rant: “It’s not fair”

The end of the season promises to be tense in Brooklyn, since the Nets will have to go through the play-in to qualify for the playoffs. And while everyone seems to be in great shape and motivated, one player has been seriously annoyed in recent days. He gave a big rant.

As the playoffs approach, the Nets are the most difficult team to gauge. Kevin Durant proves with each meeting that he is one of the best players on the planet, but around him the uncertainty remains quite complete. Kyrie Irvingcapable of big hits like his 50-point, 75% success rate, was a particularly disappointing debut at Barclays Center, and if he’s not up to snuff in the playoffs, the Nets’ hopes will be reduced to nothing.

And then around the two stars, some role players are far from satisfactory. Patty Mills is terrifyingly inconstant, which is quite disturbing for a player whose only mission is to punish behind the arc, when James Johnson is becoming the number one enemy of fans of the franchise, him who plays in place of a Blake Griffin yet more impactful on his rare appearances…

Andre Drummond sees himself staying in Brooklyn

In fact, only Seth Curry and Andre Drummond have been systematically present since their arrival in exchange for James Harden. Because he’s good, and because he seems to be having fun on the pitch, the pivot was a huge surprise when he mentioned the upcoming free agency and its probable departure… He made a point of putting things right by speaking after Nets practice on Tuesday. For Drummond, his words were misinterpreted.

The always outgoing Andre Drummond was angry this morning, saying his statements about Nic Claxton and his own future in free agency had been misused. He added that he wanted to stay in Brooklyn.

Would I like to stay here? Absoutely. Can I control this? No. I can only control what happens right now. Don’t use my words wrongly. It’s not fair to me and it’s not good.

Andre Drummond would see himself staying in Brooklyn next season, but he knows full well that he will not have a say, so he prefers not to project himself. And it is true that the Nets will have strong choices to make. Indeed, in addition to Drummond, valuable players like Bruce Brown and Nic Claxton will also be out of contract…

Andre Drummond does not particularly see himself leaving the Nets, contrary to what he suggested a few days ago. Good news for Brooklyn, which will be able to begin negotiations with enthusiasm in the coming months.

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