ciara is making a new dance outfit. she needs 2 1/2 yards of fabric the shawl. she need 1 3/4 yards of fabric for the dress. If she has 3 yards of fabric, how much more does she need? If each yard of fabric costs $7.98, how much money does ciara need?

Accepted Solution

well first you need to figure out how much fabic she already has by adding 2 1/2 plus 1 3/4, but before you do that you need to get 1/2 into fourths, with would be 2/4 so the you would change 2 1/2 into 2 2/4, then you would add 2 2/4 with 1 3/4 which you then get 4 1/4 so the if she alredy has 3 yard you can subtract 4 1/2 and 3 and you would get 1 1/4 that if you know already one yard of fabic cost 7.98 you just have to figure out how much 1/4 of a yard is. you would have to divide 7.98 by 4 then you would get 1.99 (there was remanded of two) so you would add 7.98 and 1.99 and you would get 9.97 so you answer would be $9.97