Nikola Jokic 9 février 2022

Grizzlies, Suns, Nuggets, Wolves, Lakers… all eyes are on the West, let’s go for a dantesque night

What a challenge tonight, especially in the Western Conference. In addition, tomorrow is Saturday, perfect to hold until the decisive match between the Lakers and the Pelicans. And don’t worry, it’s heavy just before to stay awake. At the table, here is the menu!


  • 1 hour : Mavericks–Wizards
  • 1 hour : Magic–Raptors
  • 1h30 : Celtics–Pacers
  • 2 hours : Thunder – Pistons
  • 2 hours : Rockets–Kings
  • 2 hours : Grizzlies – Suns (live on beIN Sports 1)
  • 2 hours Bucks–Clippers
  • 2h30 : Spurs – Blazers
  • 3h : Nuggets–Wolves
  • 4:30 : Lakers–Pelicans


Grizzlies – Suns (2h) : if you want to see beautiful basketball tonight, it will happen on the side of Memphis. A duel between the top two in the Western Conference, a duel between the two best records in the League. The Suns in the role of first in class, guaranteed to finish the regular at the top of their conf, will want to show who the bosses are, while the Grizzlies, who will necessarily finish second in the West at the end of the regular, will have at heart to show that no one scares them. Monty Williams’ troop against Taylor Jenkins’ troop, one of the two will lose his great current winning streak (9 for Phoenix, 6 for Memphis), Ja Morant will still not be back because of his knee, but will not Above all, don’t worry since you will enjoy watching his back-up, the NBA’s Mr. Clean, Tyus Jones. This season, the two franchises have faced each other twice. Result: one victory each. Tonight, it’s a kind of small final that will be played, so don’t miss it under ANY pretext.


  • Orlando against Toronto. First match of the evening to warm up. To see if the Raptors will put them 40 or 50.
  • The Lakers receive the Pels. We are at the heart of the fight for the play-in. The outcome of this meeting will surely be decisive when counting the points at the end, and a certain Anthony Davis could just return to face his former franchise. It even seems that LeBron could also make his early return.
  • Wolves can still dream of sixth place in the West, directly qualifying for the Playoffs. How? ‘Or’ What ? By winning tonight against the Nuggets, who hold that position.
  • Spurs vs Blazers, and Spurs wanting to put the Lakers on the ropes.
  • Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr. are hot right now in Houston. Let’s enjoy it, only five games left for them this season.
  • The Pistons and the Thunder still in the race for the worst record in the League. Cade Cunningham seems to have other goals in mind.
  • It’s the crisis in Boston (not at all), the Celtics are on two consecutive defeats, and it hadn’t happened since January 22. Come on, a beating against the Pacers to forget that?
  • Kristaps Porzingis reunites with Dallas. Seeing the Latvian and Luka Dončić on the same floor will bring back memories but tonight they will be enemies.
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo just turned off the 76ers AND the Nets. And even though The Clippers didn’t ask for anything, the Freak is on a mission to prove he deserves the MVP trophy.

Another very nice NBA evening is coming up so we meet at 1 a.m. for a very, very busy night, in our company.

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