Guy Lafleur's life on the big screen |  You have seen?

Guy Lafleur’s life on the big screen | You have seen?

I have chills running through my body. He’s my idol, I grew up with him; when I played hockey, I wore his number. He was a real one who said what he thought. It’s like I just lost a member of my familyexplains Christian Larouche, still in shock at the news of the death of the former No. 10 of the Montreal Canadiens.

Christian Larouche tells us about his last meeting with the blonde demon.

The last time I had dinner with him, with his wife Lise and his son Martin, to finalize our agreement for the film, I was completely surprised by the character. This guy, who doesn’t train, had huge hands, muscular arms. Yes, he was an outstanding athlete. During the meal, he told us how he hid between periods to smoke, because he smoked like a chimney. He told us several anecdotes. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to meet him more.

When we approach the film project, Christian Larouche admits that the challenge will be enormous.

From the beginning, we know that we have enormous pressure, because we are talking about the idol of a people. And there, we see it more and more with the testimonies that are breaking in: we have to make a film that lives up to the homage that we have to pay to this man, but we also have to tackle the darkest areas .

It’s not just white beanie; he also had his flaws with his many escapades. We’re also going to show that on screen, with due respect. »

A quote from Christian Larouche, producer

A first scenario at the end of the summer

For several weeks, Guy Lafleur’s health had deteriorated; it was therefore difficult to continue the meetings. But, as the producer admitted to us, most of the work was done.

Luc still managed to gather many testimonials from people who shared his life, in addition to the confessions of Guy Lafleur: Réjean Houle, Pierre Bouchard…

Last week, he met Cournoyer, and he even met Guy Lafleur’s mom; his mother, who is 94 and in great shape, with Guy’s sisters in Thurso. She has a vitality, this woman; it does not mean anything! This surely explains Guy’s genetics and where all his energy came from!

We have practically finished the meetings; we still have a few details to finalize, but we’re starting to write and we should have a first draft of the script in the summerhe continues.

Christian Larouche tells how easily he managed to convince Guy Lafleur and his family to make this film.

He also admits that the blonde demon did not want to avoid any aspect of his life and that everything could be told. He even insisted.

The first thing he said to me when I arrived at the restaurant: “Christian, listen to me carefully, I don’t want a gray area. We’re going to tell my story, I won’t hide. I had many escapades, I had affairs”, and his wife was presenthe recalls.

He added: “I want people to tell what my life has been like and I have nothing to hide”. He really wanted us to be as honest as possible with the people who were going to watch the film. This respect for people is so true. The restaurant was full and, all the time, people were coming to greet him. And he, even sick, he spoke to them, signed autographs. That’s it, Guy! For the film, he insisted and he said he didn’t want any censorship. »

A quote from Christian Larouche

The first time I met him, I was terrified

This is Luc Picard’s first reaction when we contacted him by telephone.

I was terrified and immediately felt the presence of the athlete he still was, despite the years that had passed. I was impressed by this force of nature. At first, it wasn’t easy to get him to talk, because as they say, he was a man of few words. Imagine: the first question I ask him when we first meet, I ask him if he realized what he meant to Quebecers. His answer was: “no”. That’s all!

“Do you have a second question?” he then replied. So I had to pull the worms out of him to get to know this man better. Subsequently, we had several meetings together, until he fell ill. He then confided by telephone.

When we contacted him, Luc Picard was working on his screenplay. He explained in what spirit he wanted to make this film.

It is the world of hockey that we will discover through the man. I want to get closer to what he was: an artist, a creator, with this feeling of freedom. A man who made his choices and who was not afraid of anything or anyone. I also want to put myself on his shoulder, as did the fans to whom I will also give the floor. There is also life with his teammates that I want to tell; Serge Savard, Larry Robinson and all those who shared his life. I also want to portray the guy who came in five hours before the game in uniform and played Black Diamond with equipment personnel. »

A quote from Luc Picard, actor, director and screenwriter

Guy Lafleur on the ice at the Montreal Forum, October 9, 1982 during a game against the Chicago Blackhawks.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jean-Pierre Karsenty

We asked Luc Picard if he already had an idea of ​​who could play Guy Lafleur in his film.

We are not there yet, but it will be another challenge. He must at least know how to skatehe added with humor.

For those who think that everything has been said about this monumentas described by Christian Larouche and Luc Picard, expect surprises and discover in the “Blond Demon” other aspects of his life that have never been revealed.

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