Harry Maguire, the most expensive defender in history who has become the laughingstock of world football

Harry Maguire, the most expensive defender in history who has become the laughingstock of world football

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A record defender

After long weeks of negotiations, Manchester United formalizes the arrival of the 26-year-old defender on August 5, 2019. To convince the leaders of Leicester to sell their player, the Mancunians had to take out a big check, worth 93 Million euros. Unheard of for a defender. He becomes the most expensive player in history in this position, a status that will quickly bring him under fire from critics. But Harry Maguire has everything it takes to succeed at Manchester United: star status, a club with ambitions, and above all a coach who trusts him enormously: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

maguire the captain

The defender is having a full season with the Red Devils. Despite some imperfections already well highlighted by the fans, Harry Maguire remains a reliable defender of the English championship. Especially since in the meantime, Maguire has become the captain of the team, only 5 months after joining them. A rise a little too fast for the supporters. An armband he could have lost in the summer of 2020. On vacation in Greece, Harry Maguire and his brother were arrested after a fight with tourists in a nightclub, followed by an altercation with plainclothes Greek police.

Red Devils at the end

Manchester United fans are hoping that Harry Maguire will make up for his blunder this summer, and above all that he will have a great second season. For the first, they gave him the benefit of the doubt, the time to adapt. If he misses again, he will not escape the avalanche of criticism. Unfortunately, even if United finish 2nd in the Premier League, the captain is not going to have a sparkling season. He will again be the author of unimaginable dumplings. Missed passes to the goalkeeper, an approximate placement, tackles that can be defined as atypical, the defender will become the laughing stock of the tabloids and especially of the Internet.

A captain in the dark

Supporters, journalists, tabloids, detractors, all were far from imagining that it would do worse in 2021-2022. For many, this is already the worst season of his career. They don’t understand how their club could spend so much on Maguire. In addition to not being sparkling, it is at the heart of controversy. This wave of hatred is reaching worrying heights. Recently, Maguire had to call the police. Sky Sports tells us that a bomb threat at the player’s home was triggered on April 21, 2022. Several petitions have been launched by supporters for the leaders of MU to remove the armband from him. Criticized even in selection, there is therefore not much left for Harry Maguire to regain confidence. “Air Maguirehas never been under so much pressure in Manchester. So far, all of his managers have trusted him fully. This may not be the case with Erik ten Hag, the next Red Devils manager. We will quickly find out if he intends to play him, or not. According to the Daily Mail, Manchester United want to sign a central this summer. The names of Antonio Rüdiger, who will be free in June, and Ronald Araujo are mentioned.

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