here we go again for a ride, smile on our lips and dark circles of three kilometers under the eyes

here we go again for a ride, smile on our lips and dark circles of three kilometers under the eyes

Saturday April 23, 2022, 5 p.m. The Playoffs have started for seven days and we are about to attack the second weekend of the postseason. And who says weekend says matches that start early and end very late. In the jargon, we speak of a marathon. And after the madness of the past week, a new chain of madness awaits us. Warm ? Warm !

Just a week ago, we were preparing for the big start of the 2022 NBA Playoffs. A moment always highly anticipated in a season, because it is this famous weekend that officially takes us into a new dimension. The kind of dimension where you don’t sleep for 72 hours in a row, where the only movements are those between the toilet and the screen, and where social life definitely takes a back seat. What keeps us going in this world parallel to normal life? The excitement of the postseason obviously, the love of the orange ball above all, and finally the magic that accompanies the first round of the Playoffs. Having four high-stakes NBA games back-to-back on Saturday and on Sundays, from 7 or 8 p.m. Châteauroux time until the end of the night, it’s typically the kind of delirium where you don’t want to miss a beat. And today, we’re about to go back there, with a smile on our lips and three kilometer dark circles on our red eyes. Quadruple-header today, quadruple-header tomorrow, honestly what more could you ask for?

And then hey, when we take a look at the program, there’s a little voice telling us that we could well witness heroic exploits like historical failures. After the Raptors – Sixers at 8 p.m. tonight, we will attend a Jazz – Mavericks which still looks a lot like a game of fear for Rudy’s gang, especially if his friends continue to open all the access doors with the racket. You add a potential return of Luka Doncic and it could well choke on the side of the Mormons. Speaking of choking, we’ve all seen what the Boston defense can do to Kevin Durant, but we expect from the latter an alarm clock caliber MVP. If he doesn’t end up with at least 60 pawns in Game 3 in Brooklyn, it will clearly be necessary to think about relegating him behind Nick Young in the hierarchy of the greatest all-time scorers. Saturday night will end with the fourth round of the series between Wolves and Grizzlies, a series that surpasses all the sensations caused by the best roller coasters in the world. Normally, no chance of falling asleep in front of the screen. Sunday’s schedule? It is generally of the same caliber. On this election day, we will vote Alex Caruso to give a little pep to the Bulls completely picking up in Game 3. The Warriors should take out the broom in Denver to send the MVP on vacation, while that the Falcons and Pelicans will try to sweat regular season leaders Miami and Phoenix.

A new Playoff weekend is looming. We hope you’ve canceled any potential events unrelated to the NBA, that you’ve stocked the fridge properly and above all that you have enough coffee to last you.

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