NBA Giannis choqué pendant les Finales face aux Suns

“I will never return to the NBA, I was not respected”

Playing in the big league is not obvious to everyone, especially foreign athletes. One of them has kept a very bitter memory of his freelance across the Atlantic… to the point that he will never go back there of his own free will!

This can be seen all the more with the race for the MVP this year, the European players who dominate in the NBA are more and more numerous. After players like Dirk Nowitzki or Pau Gasol, it is Nikola Jokic, Luka Doncic or Giannis Antetokounmpo who make the show on the floors, the last city even achieving the double champion-MVP of the Finals last year. The perfect proof that the internationalization of basketball in the US is doing wonderfully these days.

However, for every star from the Old Continent, there is at least one player who has not made the transition from Europe to playing across the Atlantic as it should. We think in particular of Frank Ntilikina, drafted in 8th position by the Knicks and who has never really been able to confirm expectations, not helped it is true by the chaotic situation in New York. Even FIBA ​​legends like Juan Carlos Navarro couldn’t get used to this change of scenery, proof that the big league is not for everyone.

Among the big busts of recent years, there is also Mario Hezonja who has not been in the NBA for two years now. And it suits him very well, since the player said that he absolutely did not intend to return there. During a recent interview, the one who has 330 regular season games in his career delivered a resounding report on his experience in the US, notably regretting the way the orange ball is played there:

Mario Hezonja ruthless with the NBA

Mario Hezonja explodes the NBA and swears never to return: “I will not return to the NBA. I didn’t get the respect I deserved. Also, in my opinion, the NBA is more of a show than the game itself. »

Remember that the person concerned was also a very high draft choice, selected squarely in 5th place by the Magic in 2015. A status that he never knew how to assume, with only a peak of 9.6 points on average in 2018. Passed by the Knicks then the Blazers thereafter, he ended up no longer finding a buyer and his most memorable action will probably remain his counter to winning over LeBron James in March 2019at Madison Square Garden.

Now a member of the Kazan club in Russia, for whom he averages 17 points and 7 rebounds, the one some nicknamed the Croatian Kobe actually had a very bad time in the league. However, if he had the misfortune to evolve in mediocre teams, the winger was also not beyond reproach, having been clumsy in shooting (41% career average) and rarely disciplined in defense. The fault was therefore on each side, and it was better to turn the page for the player.

Do not rely on Mario Hezonja to speak well of the NBA, because you could be damn disappointed. We wish the ex-Knick to know a better course in Russia than across the Atlantic, where his passage left a taste of waste.

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