Zurich brille grâce à Sven Andrighetto, son Top scorer, mais aussi grâce au travail de Marco Pedretti.

Ice hockey: Marco Pedretti has become an essential pawn in Zurich


Before Act III of the semi-final against FR Gottéron (led 2-0 in the series) this Tuesday evening at the BCF Arena (8 p.m.), spotlight on a duty player who shines with the ZSC Lions since the start of the play-offs.

Zurich shines thanks to Sven Andrighetto, its Top scorer, but also thanks to the work of Marco Pedretti.

fresh focus

With such a number on his back, it’s almost normal to see him flying on the ice. Marco Pedretti wears the 87. “No, it’s not my year of birth, he smiles. Thirty years is already quite enough! It’s the number I’ve worn since I was a child, that of the star of my junior years, Sidney Crosby, of course. But it’s also the year of my sister’s birth. This figure brings me rather luck and it is important for me.

Inspired by the brilliant Canadian from Pittsburgh, Marco Pedretti was once again decisive in Act II of the semi-final between the ZSC Lions and FR Gottéron. His 24th-minute acceleration and sleight of hand to erase Dave Sutter concluded with a brilliant blind pass resulted in Chris Baltisberger’s 2-0. “At the moment, I am successful and confident, says the Jura resident. And that is typically the kind of game you dare to try when everything is going well.

Master piece

The former player of Ambri, Geneva and Bienne, is one of the centerpieces of Rikard Grönborg. In a plethoric workforce, he found his place at the right time and he is used in all sauces by the Swedish coach (17’07” of playing time since the start of the play-offs). In the 4th row, in numerical superiority, in box-play, this solid winger is there to remind us that an intelligently built team must also give its place to players who are less “flashy”, but so much more useful than certain pseudo-stars in the championship. . “I adapt without any problem to different game situations, laughs the Bruntrutain. I am as comfortable in a role on the wing of the 4th offensive line as in front of the opposing goalkeeper on the first power play.

Marco Pedretti in the regular season:

12’50” of playing time per match (1’04” in box-play, 42” in power-play and 11’03” in numerical equality)

0.29 pts per game (13 pts, 7 goals/6 assists)

Marco Pedretti in play-off:

17’07” of playing time per match (1’26” in box-play, 2’08” in power-play and 13’33” in numerical equality).

0.44 points (4 pts, 4 assists)

His physical solidity (1m84 for 95 kg) sometimes makes us forget that Marco Pedretti also has good offensive skills. In the past, he has often completed the offensive lines, taking his place alongside foreign players. This is how on the side of Ambri and especially Biel, he exceeded the bar of ten goals several times per season.

Since the start of the play-offs, success has been sulking. He touched the uprights several times in the quarter against Bienne or had goals stolen by the goalkeeper. But with four assists (0.44 pt per game), he does as well as Justin Azevedo and better than Marcus Krüger or Garrett Roe. Sunday, however, he missed a golden opportunity to bend the match. So, Marco, are we talking about this action? “What occasion? I really don’t know what you are talking about! No, more seriously, the defender plays the shot well and embarrasses me but I have to put this puck in the bottom. At 3-0, it is no longer the same match and we could see that everything changes very quickly.

The “Z” opponent of itself

After thirty minutes of controlled play, the Z eased off. “It often happens unconsciously, recognizes the future Lausanne resident. We absolutely have to avoid that, especially after such a first half of the match. Z’s biggest opponent? No doubt himself as he can sometimes fall into a certain form of sufficiency.

And yet, in the quarter-finals, the players and their coach went 7 minutes from elimination in Act VI. “This series against Biel gives us strength. We were down 2-0 in the series and we didn’t give up. It’s a way of emphasizing that, rid of the burden that would have been an elimination in the quarter, this Zurich releases a kind of quiet strength.

Like his Jura striker who will not hesitate to (re)try Crosby-style gestures, from this Tuesday evening on the ice of the BCF Arena, on the occasion of Act III.

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