Ice Hockey.  The scenario that could lead the Albatross of Brest to the Magnus League

Ice Hockey. The scenario that could lead the Albatross of Brest to the Magnus League

The Albatross of Brest have been D1 champions since Thursday evening, the second national level. And now ? Will Brest play in the Magnus League next season, in a division he had voluntarily decided to leave in 2016 for financial reasons? The trend is not for a rise, and the general manager of the French Hockey Federation explains this. “Three years ago, a principle was put in place: the sporting climb in Magnus is conditional on the filing of a file in two parts during the season, details Eric Ropert. A first sporting and administrative part in December, a second financial one in February. This year, three clubs, including Brest, submitted a file in November. Brest then told us that they were unable to complete the procedure for the second part. The club confirmed that it was unable to meet the regulations for the automatic climb.

“Not a regulation that falls from the sky”

The Albatross will therefore not be able to climb into Magnus via this means and automatically. But a scenario can still lead them to the elite. “If a current Ligue Magnus team had financial worries, the Brest club, as D1 champions, would be the first to be consulted to find out if they have the desire and the ability to go there”, specifies Eric Robert. A month ago, asked about the conditions imposed by the Fed, Briec Bounoure had retorted to us this: “It’s not them who decide, it’s more bullshit. If a D1 club considers that it is able to go up, and if the Fed prohibits it, then we will go before the CNOSF, then the administrative court ”.

“It’s a regulation that had been discussed with the clubs, replies Eric Ropert. This principle was validated in general assembly, it is not something that falls from the sky. We put it in place because there is a big gap between the D1 and the Magnus. We go from 26 to 44 games in the regular season, all the players are professionals, etc. What no one wanted was for a club to rise sportily speaking but be completely disarmed behind and explode in flight”.

“Not a drama if we did not go”

Contacted again on Friday, the president of the Albatross said “we’ll see. We are going to study the different conditions but for the moment, we do not have an answer to all the questions. It is still necessary that in our board of directors, and among our shareholders, there are interested people, as well as possible sponsors. It is also necessary that at the level of the work tool that constitutes the skating rink, important details are finally the subject of an appropriate regulation. It still requires a few discussions and if we didn’t go there, it wouldn’t be a tragedy, says Bounoure before concluding, in his own way. What I like is to displease some people! There are a certain number of them who must say to themselves, “me…, Brest is still there and Briec Bounoure, he is not dead yet…””

Ligue Magnus clubs will have to file their file between June 15 and 22 before the control commission to validate their next season in Ligue Magnus. If one of them does not meet expectations, Brest will be contacted, certainly at the beginning of July.

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