«Il y a eu match», la chronique des play-off. 

Ice hockey – There was a match: Mottet vs Frick


FR Gottéron reached the semi-finals for the first time since 2014. A golden goal from Killian Mottet and a ball from Lukas Frick decided the outcome of an undecided extension.

“There was a match”, the chronicle of the play-offs.

FR Gottéron finally reached a milestone in the play-off, which had not happened to him since 2014, thanks to an epic 5-4 victory after extra time against the LHC on Saturday. Winner of the series with a score of 4-1, the Dragons are waiting to know the identity of their next opponent. During the last act, there was a match between Killian Mottet and Lukas Frick:

Killian Mottet (FR Gotteron)

Killian Mottet had an evening he won't soon forget.

Killian Mottet had an evening he won’t soon forget.

Claudio De Capitani/freshfocus

What a match, what a performance from Killian Mottet! The number 71 of the Dragons was everywhere: on the scorers’ sheet of course, on the penalty bench (three times), under the helmets of the Lausanne players and goalkeeper Tobias Stephan in particular, as well as in the chants of the supporters. His first goal of the night, a gem of power-play, saw FR Gottéron close to 4-4 as the LHC looked ripe for a first victory at the BCF Arena. As a symbol, it was still him who capsized the stadium after 19 minutes of play in added time. His instant recovery after a golden pass from David Desharnais (what a game and what a series for the Quebecer!) sent FR Gottéron to the semi-finals for the first time in eight years. A handful of seconds before his winning shot, Mottet had sacrificed himself by lying down in front of a throw from… Lukas Frick at the other end of the rink.

Playing time: 24’07”

Points: 4 (differential: 0)

“I fired, and then I didn’t understand anything. I didn’t know where to go, I didn’t know what was happening to me. I saw 25 guys rushing at me,” laughed the Friborg hero. “This goal, it is clearly at the top of my list. Emotionally, it was crazy!” Eight years ago, Killian Mottet was already part of the team that qualified for the semi-finals (victory in the quarters against Ambri, defeat in the semi-finals against Kloten). “Yes I remember it well, I had also been supernumerary in the last match of the semi-final”, joked Mottet. The FR Gottéron striker has come a long way since…

Lukas Frick (Lausanne)

The LHC was ultimately sunk by an unlikely mistake by its captain, Lukas Frick.

The LHC was ultimately sunk by an unlikely mistake by its captain, Lukas Frick.

Claudio De Capitani/freshfocus

The captain of the LHC could have been one of the great architects of a possible victory for Lausanne on Saturday. The international defender made it 1-1 in the first half. A success that came at the right time, one minute and 26 seconds after the opening of the Dragons mark by the inevitable Julien Sprunger in power-play. In the third period, Frick gave the Lions a potentially decisive advantage with a power-play goal this time around (the LHC’s second KO).

Playing time: 29’12”

Points: 2 (differential: 0)

So far, the LHC captain’s game has been exemplary defensively and even extraordinary offensively. Except that here, an inadmissible error for a player of his caliber during overtime (puck lost as the last man in his defensive zone) precipitated the abrupt end of the LHC season. A handful of seconds after the incredible ball of the international defender, David Desharnais and Killian Mottet united their efforts victoriously to send Gotteron to the semi-finals and the LHC on vacation.

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