La star NBA française du Utah Jazz, Rudy Gobert, s'est retrouvé délogé d'un trône qui lui tient à cœur

“If anyone not named Rudy Gobert did what I do…”

Rudy Gobert is one of the candidates for the title of Defender of the Year, but the pivot of the Jazz must regularly suffer criticism from his opponents. And that does not please the person concerned at all… The latter has shown himself to be cash on the subject recently, and some have agreed with him.

2021-22 could be a breakthrough season for Rudy Gobert. Indeed, the Frenchman has the chance to earn his fourth career DPOY which would see him join Dikembe Mutombo and Ben Wallace in history. A huge honor in perspective therefore for the Utah player, who has put all the chances on his side in recent months (15 rebounds and almost 2 blocks on average, in particular) despite fierce competition such as Giannis Antetokounmpo or Mikal Bridges.

However, if seeing him get the statuette would not be a scandal, many people want to discredit the impact of The Stifle Tower on the defense of Mormons. The Olympic vice-champion must therefore frequently take spades, whether from Patrick Beverley, Anthony Edwards or especially Draymond Green, who did it again recently. However, Rudy fed up and he decided to let everyone know. Asked by ESPNthe Habs dropped an absolutely shattering sentence:

Rudy Gobert cash on Defender of the Year race

If anyone not named Rudy Gobert did what I’m doing this year, they would be the favorite in the race and there wouldn’t even be a discussion.

Clearly, Gobzilla is still underestimated in his defensive contribution, he who gives everything he has on the floors for the Jazz. We have also seen it during the current exercise, his team was unable to stop the opposing assaults when he was not in uniform, especially when he was in the health protocol. The good news for #27 is that he’s not the only one thinking this way. Many fans expressed their support for him on social media, with one indirectly criticizing Green in passing:

Considering Rudy Gobert is statistically the best defensive player in the NBA this season, any player who has missed more games than him shouldn’t be in the DPOY conversation. If you want to argue with someone else, it’s better to start with “he’s played more games than Gobert this season”.

That is said, the Dancing Bear having only played 43 games in 2021-22 (64 for the Frenchy). It remains to be seen whether this will be enough for him to be rewarded…

Rudy Gobert feels he is still not being given due consideration, given the contrast between his performance and the opinion of his peers in the DPOY race. Let’s hope he raises his fourth statuette at the end of the campaign, in order to put an end to the debate!

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