NBA LeBron en larmes après avoir dépassé Jordan

In agony, the final humiliation for the Lakers

The Lakers are at the bottom of the hole, they who are closer than ever to a premature end to the season. However, this was to be expected, given their recent form… Indeed, the Purples and Golds have been in free fall for a few weeks.

With only 31 wins for 47 losses, it’s almost over for the Lakers (11th in the West) in 2021-22. Frank Vogel’s men now have two successes behind Spurs, who hold the last place making them eligible for the Play-In. Given their remaining schedule which sees them face Memphis, Golden State and Denver among others, it’s hard to believe that LeBron James and his teammates can perform a huge miracle.

It must be said that the Californians have shone more by their inconsistency since the start of the season, they who have been unable to win games. That being said, they have distinguished themselves by a maddening regularity… in defeat, since the All-Star Game. They have only won 20% of the matches they have played since mid-February… A disastrous record, especially since few of their competitors have worse results than them:

The Lakers in decline since the All-Star Break

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To put it simply, only the Blazers (2 wins for 17 losses) are doing worse than the Pourpres et Ors since the ASG. However, the latter have the excuse of having lost their best elements during the exercise, between Damian Lillard who finished in the infirmary (abdominals) and CJ McCollum who was traded to the Pelicans before the deadline. Rip City had therefore quickly given up on 2021-22, knowing full well that the playoffs were not an achievable goal.

The same clearly can’t be said for LA, and being less than some of the worst dunces in the league over this period hurts. OKC, Houston (worst NBA record): so many franchises that weren’t already targeting the post-season at the start of the campaign… It should also be noted that the Pistons and the Magic (43-115 combined) are doing much better than LeBron & co. in the same time frame: 10-11 for Detroit, 7-12 for Orlando. Not folichon either, but still better than the 2020 champion…

This is extremely alarming for the Angelinos, who must reverse this trend if they want to go to the Play-In. The Thunder will be one of their last opponents in the regular season, the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. However, will the Chosen One have to put 50 points on the match? After all, two of the successes acquired since the break have taken place under these conditions. For that, however, the winger would already have to come back from injury…

The Lakers are seriously struggling to see since mid-February, to the point where even the worst NBA franchises are doing better than them. This should certainly cost his job to Frank Vogel, especially since his players have lost several times against “small”.

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