Inspiration for winners

Inspiration for winners

Guy Lafleur is no more. The day is almost over. Interviews and statements followed. Greats across the country and beyond have taken to television networks to say how upset they are at Flower’s disappearance.

The good people who don’t have access to TV have turned to social media. Facebook, Instagram or Twitter have been inundated with photos of Lafleur with the oldest, the youngest, the niece or the cousin, with dad, mom or grandpa. Looks like all of Quebec had their picture taken with Guy Lafleur.

It must be true that he was a man of the people if the people could pose by his side with a smile.

Must be a couple of older and younger pictures with Carey Price somewhere…


Guy Lafleur is gone. And it is a glorious era for all of Quebec that begins its departure.

Maurice Richard was able, while being a victim of Clarence Campbell, to bring people down to the streets to howl their anger. A few years later, this anger was catalyzed into a Quiet Revolution.

Twenty years later, Guy Lafleur has scored 50 goals. Then he became the best hockey player in the world. With the best team in the world. And he did it with a panache that lifted Quebec.

So much so that René Lévesque became Prime Minister and in the 1980s, Quebec offered itself Quebec inc.

A panoply of big winners in the wake of Guy Lafleur and the Canadian. These magnificent Flying Frenchmen.


It’s not Guy Lafleur. But it is in the inspiration of Lafleur. The confidence to be the best of the best. The pride of displaying its success while remaining with the people.

Alain Bouchard, who left Arvida, began to build an empire that became Couche-Tard, a multi-billion dollar company.

Charles Sirois transformed his father’s modest National Paget into Fido, Teleglobe and Telesystem and a multitude of companies. Incidentally, and he will be forgiven, he was one of the founders of the Coalition Avenir Québec.

Serge Godin left Shipshaw and founded CGI, a multinational employing hundreds of thousands of specialists worldwide.

Guy Laliberté was juggling fire on stilts when he set out to conquer the world by creating Cirque du Soleil.

Celine Dion and René Angelil saw no limits to their conquest of the planet.

And, very humbly, Jean-Claude Lord, Claude Héroux and two authors new to television turned the universe of Quebec soap operas upside down and decided to make a television capable of competing with the best productions in the world.

And curiously, it is the day after the presentation of a program called Superflowerthat Richard Martin launched the idea of ​​a Launch and Account.

All these big winners from Quebec inc. who created a new Quebec, while the Canadiens and the Nordiques were at war between the two referendums of 80 and 95, were in the tradition of Guy Lafleur and these tricolor champions.

Maybe we should remember…

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