INTERVIEW.  "It's fate..." The funny coincidences between Alexis Blin and the TFC

INTERVIEW. “It’s fate…” The funny coincidences between Alexis Blin and the TFC

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Installed on the other side of the Alps since last summer and his departure from Amiens, the Manceau Alexis Blin is also trying to get the rise with his Italian club Lecce with which he plays the leading roles in Serie B.

Alexis, do you regret the way your Toulouse adventure ended?

Not necessarily, there is a destiny for everything. Fate made that at some point our paths separated, without any hard feelings for me. I am still very proud to have completed my “end of training” in Toulouse and to have made my professional debut there. It’s a very beautiful club, a very beautiful city with people who are, whatever people say, very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​coming to see the TFC play. It’s a very good memory for me and even today, I follow them very closely and I hope they will go up to Ligue 1, just as I hope we will go up to Serie A.

When you played under the colors of Amiens, you kept this very special link with the TFC. In particular, you scored your only goal in Ligue 1 with Amiens at the Stadium…

Yes, it’s always special to face his former team. Amiens was only my second club. This goal, I will indeed keep a very good memory of it for life. These are somewhat special moments, it’s also a bit like fate, we say to ourselves that it was a bit written. The thing is, I don’t score a lot. It was a nice wink and it made me happy since there was victory at the end (0-1, editor’s note). It’s the season after we both fall in Ligue 2, and that made me less happy.

Precisely, in Ligue 2, at the end of 2020, you honor your 150th as a professional against Toulouse. But during this match, you get sent off…

It was the first direct red card of my career. In hindsight, I still think it harsh, but okay. Once again it was fate, it was written like that. Even if I didn’t want to take red during that match, I don’t think I could do much when the time came. I signed up and I remember that Manu (Koné) played it very well, he got what he wanted.

How is your new life going in Italy?

I had this desire to discover a foreign championship, another culture, another language. I’ve always had that actually in the back of my mind. My integration went very well, I quickly acclimatized and started to learn Italian. I manage to express myself, to have a few conversations now. We are in a region where the weather is good 6 days out of 7. These are superb working conditions and it is psychologically important for me, for my wife. I think I have about twenty league games this season, so indeed I would have liked to start more, but I am not on the sidelines, I am concerned by the potential rise and fully in the project.

Especially since fate, once again, ensured that you scored your first goal with Lecce on the evening of a TFC-Amiens (March 15)…

I found that weird. When I realized it, I said to myself that it was still a wink of fate, it’s quite funny. I’m going to spare my Amiens colleagues, because Toulouse still put a good score in Amiens (6-0). The TFC was not a dead hand (laughs). And as I still have a lot of ties in these two clubs, I will continue to follow Toulouse and Amiens almost “for life”.

This goal, tell us about it…

95th minute, we lost 2-1, I went up and found myself in the right place at the right time. It was an important goal since it brings a point to the team. Fortunately, I put it at the bottom, it would have been scandalous for me to magnify it. It’s been good for the team, it’s been good for me and then I hope we’ll continue to score points until the end of the season.

This end of the season, it promises to be thrilling….

The Serie B championship is super tight. Almost all the teams are equal at the top of the table, it will be very difficult. In this kind of moment, it’s not necessarily the team that plays the best, it’s often the team that is the most “effective”, which has that little extra bit of soul. We will seek to have these ingredients.

Especially since, like the TFC, Lecce had failed last season during the climb…

I hadn’t arrived yet, but yes the scenario is similar. That’s why you have to manage to detach yourself from that, you have to manage to evacuate the pressure which can be negative and that it is good pressure. I think the best way to approach the matches is to play them with “lightness”, to think of giving everything and then we will see what will happen at the end.

Between the TFC and you, fates linked once again…

It would be nice if we went up together.

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