La légende NBA des Detroit Pistons, Isiah Thomas, s'est montrée ultra-classe envers un membre de la Dream Team 1992 après avoir été snobé de l'équipe

Isiah Thomas’ Incredible Phone Call After His Dream Team Snob Revealed

Unbeatable legend of the NBA and of the 80s/90s, Isiah Thomas was paradoxically not selected for the 1992 Olympic Games by Team USA. An affront that he took badly, but which nevertheless pushed him to make an incredible gesture of altruism afterwards!

Given the density of talent that the league then presented, Chuck Daly was bound to make a few disappointed when announcing his list. Coach of Team USA during the famous epic of the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, ​​the latter set up a legendary team, still considered today as the greatest in history. However, he deprived himself of several stars of the timeincluding a certain Isiah Thomas.

When this memorable selection was announced in September 1991, the legendary Detroit leader was certainly coming out of a gloomy season, which had seen him eliminated by Michael Jordan’s Bulls in the Eastern Conference finals. However, the decision to favor John Stockton and his much less substantial record was enough to annoy him. This is the effect she borrowed from the Baby-Faced Assassin.

Isiah Thomas Grand Prince to John Stockton

For years, this choice to leave Isiah Thomas outside the Dream Team has been the subject of many theories. For many, the opinion of Michael Jordan would have weighed in the balance, just like that of another member of the team. Anyway, despite his obvious frustration, Zeke put his ego aside for a phone call. An anecdote told by John Stockton during his recent appearance in Fearless with Jason Whitlock.

The special thing he did during this story was that he found a way to call my dad. I don’t even know how he did it, but he called my dad on his home number, and explained to him that he felt he deserved to be on the team too, but he didn’t have nothing against me. My father appreciated this gesture so much. It calmed him down, and I’m so grateful for that. I don’t know if I would have been able to.

Great lord, IT therefore wanted to reassure Stockton’s father, and to make him understand that this controversy was in no way intended to discredit the presence of his son within the Dream Team. An attention that obviously marked the former Jazz smuggler a lot, as well as his father.

It happened just before the 1992 Olympics. That year was apparently one of tension. And my parents and my family have always felt the tension more, as they watch the news and read the newspapers. Being part of an athlete’s family is surely more difficult than being an athlete, because as an athlete, you just have to do your job. They must hear all the bad things about you.

On the ground, Thomas was however much less sympathetic to Stock, against whom he planted… 44 points for their first confrontation during the 1991-92 season!

Obviously disappointed not to be part of the Dream Team, Isiah Thomas however took the time to reassure the father of John Stockton on the phone, on whom criticism rained down at the time in this soap opera. A simple gesture, but oh so appreciated by the leader of the Jazz!

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