"It's even better than I expected"

“It’s even better than I expected”

Already eliminated from the playoff race, it’s time to take stock of the New York Knicks, among the great disappointments of the season. Recruitment seemed promising, but Kemba Walker was far from his best level, Julius Randle was unrecognizable, Derrick Rose was injured too often, and Evan Fournier was very irregular, despite a very decent overall season with 38.9% from afar on a big volume since he broke the franchise shooting record at 3-pts in one season. But we probably expected more than his 14.1 points at 41.7%, and especially defensively. The team of Thibs, in the playoffs last season and which seemed to have good bases, in particular defensive and in the engagement, was unrecognizable and lost this identity.

“It’s a disappointment,” said Evan Fournier. “We didn’t find each other as a team. We haven’t really found a rhythm, something we can turn to every night to win and finish games. As you know, we let go of a lot of advances this year. I think that’s the most important thing: finding your collective identity, what you do well, what you don’t do well and where you can go at the end of the game. It’s unfortunate that we haven’t been able to find ways to win more games. Well, that’s all I can say. » Evan Fournier

There were even rumors of a possible French trade before the deadline, but in the end he stayed. And he hopes to still be there next season since when a journalist talks about the possible changes and what he hopes for next season, he says:

“What I hope is to stay,” said the Frenchman with a laugh. “I hope to stay. Honestly, I hope to have the same team, and just be able to win. I’ve said before that I think we have the right elements and everything to win, and I believe that. We have to find each other. When you spend a whole season with players and coaching staff, you get attached to them and you want to be successful with them. You hope to have success with them, and I hope nothing will change. I want to be successful with this team.”

Despite these different results, he enjoyed his New York experience.

“It’s an incredible experience. It’s even better than I expected. When things don’t go your way individually and collectively, it’s extremely frustrating. Basketball is our life. It’s what we’ve done all our lives, it’s what we’re focused on, our family depends on it, and living in New York is what kept me from farting. weights. Sometimes when you play in smaller markets, the only thing you can think about and do is basketball and that’s it. It’s very frustrating and it can get a little toxic at home sometimes because when I’m frustrated it’s going to impact my family, my wife, etc. So yes being here is the thing that allowed me not to go crazy and to be happy to come to work every day. It’s such a special city, with such a different energy. When you see how the room was tonight, you can only harbor regrets and want to experience things and build something with this team here because you know that the city will support you crazy. It’s a huge motivation for next season. » Evan Fournier

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