​J. Howard: “Moving towards our next goal”

Find the reactions of coach Lassi Tuovi as well as those of Jordan Howard and Amine Noua after the defeat against Pau-Lacq-Orthez in the final of the Coupe de France.

J.Howard : “ In view of the matches we had to win to qualify for this final, it was a great achievement to be here so, automatically, it’s hard to lose like that. It’s a disappointment and we will have to learn from what happened in this match, use this defeat to progress by the end of the season and come back stronger.

We came back and even went ahead in the 3th quarterback and I want to give credit to my teammates who never stopped believing in me. We talked at the break in the locker room, they told me to play more aggressive in 2th half time. I was not good at first and they guided me to come back better and fairer. They continued to trust me. But that’s not what counts because in the end the last quarter didn’t go as we wanted. Despite the result I am proud of our team, no matter what happens. But personally I know I can be better than what I did in this final.

We beat three big teams to get there and we have to draw on the experience of this Coupe de France, both in victories and in this defeat. This gives us some perspective for the next goal: the Playoffs. We have to keep the positive energy that we experienced during this Coupe de France, learn from the defeat in the final and use it positively for the race for the Playoffs. We must not stop at this final. We have shown and we know that we can play well against big teams. Today we are obviously disappointed, but we just have to focus on the positives and move towards our next goal. “.

Lassi Tuovi : “First, I wanted to congratulate Pau. I think they were ready given the way they started the game. They destabilized us, we let them gain confidence and that was the key to victory. We missed a lot of shots, but if we look at the stats, the things we did during the season are there: we circulated the ball very well with 19 assists and we caused 19 stray balls. Regarding the start of the match, I don’t think it was an “overconfidence”. I would say they were nervous and therefore too hesitant about every action. It’s not easy to see the other team celebrating and receiving the trophy. Seeing that should make us react and motivate us for the rest of the season! »

Amine Noua : “It was played with very little until the 3rd quarter and after Pau knew how to make the difference. We lacked skill in the 4th quarter. We approached the game the wrong way and we missed a lot of easy things. That’s how we gave them confidence. We should have shown more toughness and relied on our strengths. Yes, we will have regrets, but the season is not over.
It was nice to see an Accor Arena filled like that again! Our supporters pushed us to the end and I thank them for that. We would have liked to offer them a Cup. That’s how it is, it’s basketball! This evening, it tipped over to Pau and I congratulate them. We will get back to work to end the season well. »


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