Jalen Green 5/04/2022

Jalen Green achieves a feat not seen in 25 years

Jalen Green planted 30 pawns straight up tonight at the Nets’ Barclays Center, despite his team’s 105-118 loss. The Rockets youngster thus continues his fifth game in a row with at least 30 pawns. If the title of Rookie of the Year will probably be disputed between Scottie Barnes and Evan Mobley, the number 2 of the 2021 Draft has just entered the history of rookies.

30, 31, 33, 32, 30. These are the five scoring performances of Kevin Durant Jalen Green on his last five games. The last to have stacked five games with at least 30 points in a rookie season was Allen Iverson in 1997. That says a lot about the kid’s performance. The back of Houston thus integrates a very closed club since he is only the ninth player (h/t NBA Stats France) in NBA history to achieve this feat. Even Michael Jordan himself stopped at four. In this circle, we find in particular Wilt Chamberlain (who holds the record with 16 games in a row) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Rather not bad to integrate such a family for the darling of Houston. So certainly, the Rockets have lost five times but after the ups and downs experienced this season, Jalen Green has really stepped up since March and there he is downright on fire. How to explain his current series? First, the rookie has never tried his luck as much as he does now, the first sign that he feels good in his sneakers. He took almost 23 shots on average over these five games, with 48% success. Downright clean, what’s more for a rookie. But where Jalen Green makes a big difference is on the parking lot shots. He is running at almost 43% success over the last five games with more than twelve attempts per game! The Rockets sniper is him right now, no offense to Garrison Mathews. What to relaunch him in the race for Rookie of the Year? It’s probably a little late and the results of Houston do not play in his favor. Opposite him, Scottie Barnes (Raptors) and Evan Mobley (Cavaliers) each have a full season in teams that will go to the Playoffs or at least participate in the play-in in the case of Cleveland. The ROY will most likely be played between these two, with Cade Cunningham in ambush. However, these are very encouraging signs for the future.

Between the Jalen Green at the start of the season and that of today, nothing to do. The rookie has always had playing time on the court, but adapting to the NBA has not been easy. Not a problem of talent, eh, far from it, but a fairly weak and ineffective impact for what was described as a phenomenon. We can point to its use by coach Stephen Silas, or the difficulties of a Houston team when it was playing with the presence of two real insiders (Daniel Theis and Christian Wood) who did not help this young famous guard before all for his athletic qualities in the circle. But now he’s breaking out. This turning point started to kick in after he returned from a thigh injury in late December. Jalen returned to a formation that had found a better balance and thanks in particular to more responsibilities, he has clearly progressed since January, he who now displays all his talent. The beast is released as they say and it’s rather kiffant. So inevitably, when we project ourselves now, there are more and more expectations. The objectives for next season will be to do at least as well in terms of scoring, but over a whole season. We’re not asking him to average 30 points over 80 games of course, but to find consistency as a sophomore. The team’s aspirations will depend on how active Rafael Stone is over the summer, and there’s no talk of sunbathing in Cancún. The choices of the GM of Houston will set the tempo. We’ll see if Christian Wood and Eric Gordon are still there, and if John Wall will continue to sleep with the Rockets’ millions on his bed. Finally, the 2022 Draft will tell us which player with high potential will join the roster, between Chet Holmgren, Jabari Smith or Paolo Banchero, among others. The goals of the Rockets will necessarily always be focused on development, but seeing Jalen Green in a slightly more competitive team, we can’t say no. And if the nugget of Houston became All-Star next season? Ben what, we have the right to ignite a little right?

Jalen Green waited until the end of the regular season to show the best version of himself. If some still had doubts about the potential of the number 2 pick of the 2021 Draft, the Rockets rookie is certainly destroying them.

Source stats: NBA Stats France

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