James Harden flingue cash un ragot sur lui !

James Harden already weakened at the Sixers?!

A big month after his Philadelphia debut, James Harden hasn’t silenced all the skeptics around his case. Even to the point that his situation at the 76ers would already no longer be as ideal as when he arrived according to the latest rumors!

He seemed convinced: Philly was the best place to start a new page in his career, and continue to aim for his first championship ring. After winning his case and leaving for the Nets, James Harden immediately proved formidable in the jersey of the 76ers. However, the state of grace did not last forever, since the time for the first reviews on the spot has already arrived.

As Doc Rivers himself complained, the Barbu has tended to prioritize the shooting pass since his debut in his new team. Symbol of this lack of aggressiveness in scoring, he never exceeded the bar of 20 shots attempted in a match with Philadelphia, nor that of 30 points scored. An observation that is not likely to improve its image with certain members of the franchise!

Harden’s extension, a taboo subject at the 76ers?

Recruited to allow the Sixers to increase their title chances this season, Harden should above all be judged during the playoffs, where he has often disappointed in the past. However, some of his superiors would not have waited for this deadline to form an opinion on his situation, in particular contractual. Chris Mannix recently touched on this point in the Bill Simmons Podcast.

There are definitely people in Philadelphia wary of giving James Harden what would be the equivalent of a 5-year, quarter-billion dollar deal. Even now, after seeing him for a few weeks, it’s still a source of concern for some people in Philly. After a while, it will become a bad contract. The question is knowing when it will become so.

Barely arrived in Pennsylvania, Harden will indeed have to worry about his future very soon, he who has a player option for next year. By honoring it, he could subsequently receive an extension offer of just over $250m over five years, which would see him touch more than $60m at age 36. A toxic-looking deal for Mannix, which would explain the reluctance of part of Phila’s front office!

Personally, I would worry about that. If he doesn’t give you a great playoff run this year, will he be able to do it next year? When will it start to decline? They’re going to give him that contract, I don’t think there can be any doubt about that, but it still makes some people worried there.

Even though he has yet to prove his worth to the Sixers, James Harden would already see some skeptics appear about his long-term presence in the franchise. It promises for the future !

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