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James Harden thinks he has nothing to prove to anyone in the Playoffs

Arrived at the Sixers two months ago almost to the day, James Harden is still looking for a first NBA title. As we know, he has often been criticized in the past for his air holes in the Playoffs, and his outing in Brooklyn did not please many people. However, the Bearded man does not feel any particular pressure before his first postseason with Philly…

In an interview with Complex, James Harden spoke about his debut with his new Philadelphia franchise and as you can imagine, it quickly caused the Playoffs. Because we’re not going to lie to each other, if Ramesse came to the city of brotherly love and if the boss Daryl Morey bet on him in exchange for Ben Simmons, it’s for hanging a champion banner and nothing else. Philadelphia has been waiting for this since… 1983, Joel Embiid is now in full swing, and the Bearded Man is still looking for his first bagouze when he is already in his 13th NBA season. Translation, now is the time. We won’t go so far as to say it’s now or never, but the title window won’t be open forever, especially with an Embiid who has a nice history of injury and a Harden who is about to turn 33. But when the latter was asked about expectations of him after leaving Brooklyn in February, he didn’t really express the same sense of urgency. Check this out a bit:

“I have nothing in particular to prove. Personally, I always go on the field to play well and contribute in the areas where it is necessary to contribute. I go out there to play my game, to try to help my team win. I don’t feel any particular pressure, I don’t feel any of that. »

Uh… how to say? That he doesn’t feel the pressure is one thing, and it can even be beneficial for playing released in the Playoffs. On the other hand, to say “I have nothing in particular to prove” is almost blasphemy when you know the course of the man. In terms of individual talent and in the discussion of all-time leading scorers, James Harden obviously ticks a lot of boxes, but that’s not the point. Two months ago, just after Barbu’s XXL trade in Philly, we had brought out a big file to explain all the issues surrounding Harden’s legacy. With his rather disastrous exit to the Nets (only a year after his chaotic departure from Houston), his previous failures in the Playoffs and his tendency to alienate some of his best teammates, Ramesse has seen his reputation deteriorate over the years. . And the only real way for him to fix it today is to justify his transfer to Philadelphia with a championship title. Point bar. And we warn him directly, the always very passionate fans of the Sixers expect nothing less.

James, the honeymoon period is over. The first outings with Jojo were very nice, everyone was beautiful everyone was happy, but the really serious things are about to start against Toronto in the first round of the Playoffs. And if the Sixers want to go far in an Eastern Conference that looks more and more like a veritable jungle, Harden will have to bring his A-Game alongside Embiid. The question is whether Ramesse is truly capable of it. On numerous occasions with Houston, he finished burnt in the postseason by dint of repeating efforts during the regular season to carry his team. Today ? Harden simply seems to be on the decline, with early big performances with Philly having given way to more than haphazard outings in recent weeks. One of the bearded man’s first big failures in his new jersey was for the great return of… Ben Simmons to Philly, where he completely went through (11 points at 3/17 in shooting) before going quietly go to a nightclub. And since then, he has had ups and downs like with Brooklyn, he who finished the regular with only 17.9 points (and 11.4 assists) on average at 35.6% shooting success including a small 30% of the parking lot over the last eight games. Not very reassuring…

Not sure Sixers fans like this statement from James Harden. Whether he likes it or not, the Barbu will be expected at the turn and any other result than an NBA title alongside Joel Embiid will be considered a failure. So yes, he has things to prove. And yes, the pressure is definitely there.

Text source: Complex

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