Jennifer Lopez Enters the GOAT Debate After Acquiring Same Number of Rings as Michael Jordan;  One Less Than Tom Brady

Jennifer Lopez Enters the GOAT Debate After Acquiring Same Number of Rings as Michael Jordan; One Less Than Tom Brady

Star American actress & singer Jennifer Lopez got engaged for the sixth time! While fans are busy counting her total number of engagement rings, some of them have started comparing them with Tom Brady and Michael Jordan’s championship victories.


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This is the second time Lopez is getting engaged to the Star American actor and filmmaker Ben Affleck. Exactly 20 years down the line, after she got engaged to the actor in 2003. She shared the news on Instagram, and fans were soon to indulge in a GOAT debate by comparing their titles with Lopez’s rings.


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Fans compare Tom Brady and Michael Jordan’s titles with J-LO’s engagement rings

The 52-year old is wearing an engagement ring for the sixth time in her entire lifetime and the second time with Ben Affleck. Previously, she was in a relationship with Alex Rodriguez and got engaged in 2019. The sparkling green diamond ring, which Affleck gifted her, is speculated to cost around $ 5million to $ 10 million. The 8.5-carat cushion modified brilliant-cut diamond is one of the purest diamonds. Ilan Portugali from the Beverly Hills Diamonds sourced the diamond. “Congratulations Ben & J-LO on your engagement. It was my honor to be part of this exciting journey, on a quest to source such an exceptional natural gem for your spectacular engagement ring, ” he wrote.

Well, the matter of discussion among the NFL is more far-fetched than the engagement. They are busy comparing her to the NBA legend Michael Jordan and NFL Superstar Tom Brady. Jordan has six rings or championship titles under his name. Interestingly, All of them were with the Chicago Bears from 1991 to 1998.

While Tom Brady has 7 Super Bowl titles with him and, of course, one more than J-LO’s engagement rings. Brady has won 6 of them with the New England Patriots and one he grabbed for his current team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The fans went crazy as soon as the engagement news broke out. Twitter was in serious discussion, comparing the GOATs and their victories with J-LO’s ring counts. A Twitter user mentioned that MJ is the best offensive player of all time.

Back in 2019, One user said that Lopez had bought her rings, while Brady and MJ have earned them.

One fan sends a warning sign.

Previously, Sage Mode Juuzou sarcastically said that he would love to become her sixth ring in order to tie MJ, but sadly that never happened it seems.

Well, all the NFL fans have one question in their minds, can the GOAT win his 8th title in the upcoming season?


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Will Brady clinch another Superbowl this year?


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A major revamp is going on with the Buccaneers this season. Even though they have not indulged in drafting and trading players this offseason, the coaching staff and the upper brass are swapping their positions. Their long-time head coach, Bruce Arians, left the position soon after Brady’s return, creating a lot of drama.

At the moment, TE Rob Gronkowski is also hinting at a possible return. He previously came out of retirement to play with the Bucs. Also, the former defensive coordinator Todd Bowles has been promoted to the HC position.


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While all this is happening, Tom Brady is busy gearing up for the upcoming season. When the former Coach has himself claimed that the previous season was Brady’s best campaign, it will be exciting to see how Brady unleashed his magic on the field.

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