Joel Edmundson found the strength to return to the game through his teammates

Joel Edmundson found the strength to return to the game through his teammates

In the last few weeks, it looks like everything is back to normal in the case of Joel Edmundson. He is the leader the Canadiens need on the ice, many people (including me) see him as the next captain of the club and he is playing well.

And all his teammates benefit from having it. We understand why Luke Richardson was happy to see him come to town in 2020…

But if we go back a few weeks, Edmundson was still on the sidelines. With Jeff Petry playing poorly and Shea Weber gone, the playoff top-4 was completely dismantled – with the exception of Ben Chiarot, who has since left.

It was unclear if #44 would return this year and his case was unclear.

Obviously, we suspected that he was working hard, but we never saw the light at the end of the tunnel because of the many setbacks in his progress. It was quite disheartening to see.

And if it was for us, imagine for him.

In addition to having to live with a bad back preventing him from skating, Edmundson lost his father. We can therefore understand that the last six months have been dreadful for those who felt more helpless to see the CH lose.

But it was thanks to his teammates that he got away with it.

His girlfriend helped him (she motivated him to go for walks every day, he says), but his Canadian teammates too. He considers that the CH is a tightly knit group and that it is thanks to them that he found the strength to persevere and return to the game.

He thinks he’s made his dad proud…and I’m sure he has. Besides being the good defenseman he is, Edmundson seems like an amazing point guard for the guys and seeing him perform again in the NHL must be so satisfying.

A lot of

– He must produce.

– Obviously.

– Clearly.

– Do not miss.

– Good question.

– Will it be in Quebec?

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