Joel Edmundson must be one of the candidates to wear the "C" next season

Joel Edmundson must be one of the candidates to wear the “C” next season

Upon his arrival as general manager of the Montreal Canadiens, Kent Hughes knew he was going to have a lot on his plate. Several files are still to be settled, and several very important decisions.

One of these decisions is obviously the appointment of a new captain for next season.

Kent Hughes has already confirmed that the CH will have a new captain for the 2022-2023 season.

Shea Weber being retired on the long-term injured list, the Habs must appoint a new captain.

The name of Nick Suzuki is clearly the one that comes up most often in discussions and rumors. Indeed, the appointment of Suzuki as the next captain of the CH is almost unanimous.

However, one of the CH players who will absolutely have to be at least a serious candidate to wear the “C” next season is Joel Edmundson.

Since arriving in Montreal at the start of last season, Edmundson has clearly emerged as one of the team’s leaders in the locker room and on the ice.

He was a perfectly reliable defender throughout last season. He quickly became a mainstay of CH’s defensive top-4.

This year, however, has been much more difficult for Edmundson. He missed the team’s first 57 games this season due to a back injury, in addition to losing his 61-year-old father.

However, since he returned to the game, Edmundson has quickly become the defenseman he was last season, that is to say, a solid defenseman defensively who in most cases makes good single plays.

Moreover, even though Edmundson missed more than half of the season, he remained one of the leaders of the team, and even more so with the absence of Weber.

Indeed, throughout the season, the players of the team spoke of Edmundson as being the dad of the team and the one that everyone listens to attentively.

We remember that it was he who had requested to bring back “Fix You” as the entry music for the players. He was also the one who organized the rookie party.

In short, Edmundson is clearly seen as a VERY important player in the locker room. His candidacy for the position of captain for next season is, in my opinion, a must.

Moreover, I sincerely believe that he could and should be the captain of the CH for two or three years before passing the torch to Nick Suzuki.

Still, giving Suzuki the “C” next season wouldn’t be bad. I would just prefer not to put so much pressure on him right away.

In short, I believe that if the players have a big say in the appointment of the next captain, Edmundson has a good chance of being at the top of the list.

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